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The CMS 6 chat opens up new ways of communication.

With CMS 6-Chat you get a powerful communication tool that allows you to enter directly into dialogue with your site visitors. Every editor who also has access to CMS 6-Chat can declare his or her willingness to invite new visitors to an online conversation with just a single click. At the same moment, the online chat opens on the website. In times of your absence, it transforms into a classic contact form - so you no longer miss any customer enquiries.

With the help of user profiles, you can manually enter the most important data such as name, e-mail address, telephone number or the reason for the conversation. CMS 6 automatically recognises, depending on the data protection clearance, whether the person is already a registered user of your website, for example, if he or she has already made a purchase in your webshop or already receives your newsletter. In this way, you can merge all data in the simplest way at any time and concentrate fully on your online counselling with the call logs that are also stored, even if the counselling should extend over several days.

Furthermore, countless functions help you to use your CMS 6 chat the way you need it for daily use on your website. You can create automated greetings so that the user is automatically addressed with a prepared message after a few seconds or after visiting a defined number of pages. If the user initiates communication here, the real CMS 6 advisors come into play and start the chat in real time. During the conversation, users can be moved as if by magic to subpages of your web offer or even to external websites. These then open in the background of the chat window without interrupting the conversation.

Powerful reports give you all the important information, such as the time of day when your site visitors use the chat most, how many mail enquiries you receive at times when the chat is switched off, how quickly your editors answer enquiries, how many chats there are to one advisor and much more. But already during the chat you learn whether it is a returning visitor, which pages they have already looked at, which ones they are looking at right now and whether the chat is used with a desktop computer or a smartphone or tablet PC.

With the CMS 6 chat, you can answer your customers' questions directly on your website in future. Online chat is a faster and far more personal way of communicating with your customers than, for example, traditional e-mail support. With the help of this powerful communication tool, you can improve your customer satisfaction and, above all, increase your sales opportunities.

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