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Muesli and cereal manufacturer Brüggen with new responsive web design website online

Customer: H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG
Industry: Trade

Mobile-capable new website for H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG

The web agency gradwerk has conceived and designed a new and mobile-friendly website for the globally active manufacturer of breakfast cereals H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG.

As part of a completely new online concept, a multilingual website was developed that breaks new ground not only in design but also in technology and function. The structure of the content has been significantly simplified and more clearly structured. In doing so, Brüggen also presents itself in an optimal form to all mobile users, because the entire website is based on Responsive Web Design. Website visitors with large screens will be pleased to know that the website has also been designed for large-screen display - bigscreen-ready is the magic word here.

On the website itself, H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG presents itself in all its facets; in addition to information about the company and its origins, the various product lines are presented in pictures and text, with suitable recipe ideas rounding off the range. Thanks to the use of the successful CMS 6 editorial system developed by the digital agency gradwerk, Brüggen employees can comprehensively edit and expand practically all content. Applications seamlessly integrated into the CMS help Brüggen employees to conveniently manage product data for different countries. Complaint management has also become an integral part of the website and was programmed by gradwerk with a special SAP connection.

The website contains a lot of information about the different products, the worldwide locations, content about the company itself, great recipes to try out and also the segment of "private labels", which Brüggen produces for the leading European and international retail chains. This content, too, is maintained with a specially developed database software integrated in CMS 6.

Thanks to a new geo-IP tracking function integrated in CMS 6, visitors are automatically directed to the appropriate foreign language versions of the website. Only those product lines are displayed that are available in the respective country. For example, if a visitor from France comes to the German-language website, he or she is pointed to the French offer and has the option of following this recommendation to the French page, where he or she also sees only the correspondingly available product range. In this way, users are perfectly and optimally guided to the relevant content.

Torsten Becher
Torsten Becher
Head of Communication and Media
"We had a variety of editorial systems presented to us. In order to remain competitive on the web in the long term, we immediately decided in favour of CMS 6, as all our requirements for the marketing, personnel and complaints management departments were met. None of the systems presented was as clear and intuitive to use as gradwerk CMS 6 with so many functions.

Human resource software on board

In addition to the brand website described for H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG, an individual software solution was also developed for the automatic entry of all online and offline applications, including job advertisement management on the website itself. With the help of this specially developed software, employees in the human resources department can enter all job advertisements on the website directly in the CMS and also view and manage all incoming applications. The human resource software transparently and easily manages the communication around each application, including statistical evaluation.


Today, H. & J. Brüggen KG, in the 4th generation of the family, is one of the leading cereal and muesli manufacturers in Europe and employs around 1,900 people. Cornflakes and other crunchy cereals, muesli, muesli bars, oat flakes and other high-quality cereal products are produced at a total of five production sites in Lübeck (Germany), Wilga (Poland), Thiers (France) and Santiago (Chile) and exported worldwide.

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