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Write professional mailings. Simple and efficient.

The mailing system integrated in CMS 6 opens up a completely new dimension for your online marketing. Creating a successful email campaign has never been so easy and intuitive. From mailing templates, you or your colleagues create perfect HTML and text newsletters with just a few clicks, using the same powerful functions as when managing and creating your websites. For example, add images, links and other content with just one click.

With the help of extensively configurable recipient lists, you can control and manage your mailings even better and synchronise them with internal company applications via import and export. For example, send mailings exclusively to your customers, to prospective customers, to users of certain products and services or specifically to recipients who live in a certain city. With CMS 6, the topic of targeted reach control takes on a completely new meaning.

Only those numbers you can see are of importance. The CMS 6 mailing system includes sophisticated reporting that provides you with clear summaries of the most important user data. In addition to open rates, i.e. how often recipients have opened an email, you can also see which links have been clicked on particularly frequently. CMS 6 also provides information on whether emails were primarily opened on mobile or desktop PCs and on which operating systems. Via geolocation query, the system also collects the data of the respective location. In addition, CMS 6 records the average reading time of your recipients and shows whether they read, skim or directly delete your messages. All real-time evaluations are available in the form of a summary within CMS 6 and in an automated mail report that provides you with the success balance of your mailing after a few days.

The CMS 6 mailing system is not just a tool; it is a comprehensive and powerful software solution that gives you one hundred percent control and a perfectly organised solution for your mailing activities.

All important figures at a glance.

The reporting of your mailing campaigns is not only limited to the accesses of the contained links, but you also have access to many important key figures about your visitors. These include, for example, origin data, activity times, bounce rates and also an analysis of whether the respective mailing was actually read by the recipients. These figures are always evaluated separately according to desktop and mobile users.

Database objects make your newsletter dynamic.

Within your mailing, you can also flexibly access the contents of your databases in CMS 6. This can be, for example, dates, products or information on contact persons from your company. With just a few clicks you can insert this data, specially prepared for your mailing, into your newsletter and thus provide your recipients with even more up-to-date data.

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