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We design websites and digital experiences.

We make sure that you are perceived correctly. And above all, that your message is understood.

Before we start with the design, we define and analyse your target group. Only then do we develop the appropriate structures and forms for the design, from the website to the brochure to the individual software. Design is deeply rooted in our self-image.

Finding the right visual language is one of our core competencies. That's why all the projects we realise have something in common: they look excellent. They convince through quality. And they have a lasting effect.

At the beginning of each project, we develop the appropriate strategy together with you. This is followed by an intensive creative and analysis phase. With our ideas and our concept, we build your brand. We create all the necessary building blocks: strategy, symbol, logo, typography, colour scheme, iconography, illustration style, imagery, animation, motion design, photo style, sound design, messaging and tonality. But ultimately, the brand itself is created - in the minds and hearts of your customers.

User-friendly design

We design application interfaces as well as mobile websites and apps. The topic of usability plays a major role for us, and so we are also happy to be your exclusive interface designers.

Wireframing and prototyping

Every project begins with the creation of wireframes and is followed by the implementation of a prototype. This is the only way to develop the optimal design and user concept, because already in the prototyping phase our customers can try out their future software or website and judge it accordingly.

Benutzeroberfläche mit Wireframes für Webdesign

Responsive web design

We have been designing Responsive Web Design websites since 2011 and are among the pioneers of this technology in Germany. Our wealth of experience is vast and our conceptual strength considerable, because we also look behind the scenes and know about the really important functions of responsive design.

Logo conception and illustration

In addition to everything digital, we can also design your new corporate design on request and create logo and brand worlds that will be remembered for a long time and will make a strong impression.

What is the role of design?

Design presupposes that one deals precisely with the matter, the topic or the problem. Before the design can begin, various questions must be discussed and debated. You have to look at things from different perspectives, question and analyse them. The most important question is the objective. Who should benefit from the service or what should the product achieve? What quality requirements are to be met and what price should it have?

Design is the interface between the requirements of the person offering the service and the wishes of the person buying it, be it services or products. Design is ergonomics, as for example in Responsive Web Design, and of course also marketing. We develop your own personal concept for success!

Typography and design guidelines

For us, typography is a fine art and a special form of expression of your brand message. The selection and definition of suitable typography also plays an important role in all online projects. We develop your design guidelines and create customised style guides to communicate your applicable design rules.

Photo and video production

We offer you outstanding photo and video productions. We work with a variety of well-known photo and video producers who create shots of your employees and staff portraits or photos of your company premises and products.

We design web animations of the next generation.

We create animated illustrations, pictograms, doodles and avatars for our clients' web projects. We bring movement to your website to better inform and entertain your users. We use Lottie, an open source animation file format that is 600 times smaller than GIF. All animations are rendered as animated SVGs, are endlessly scalable and ultra-sharp in rendering. This incredible performance creates better page load speeds than other animation formats and helps you increase user conversion and engagement. Lottie animations are natively supported by CMS 6 and can be used independently by editors in pages and elements.

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