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Software and web development, entirely according to your wishes.

Tailor-made, future-proof and perfectly usable: With our software developments, you can easily map and manage your internal and external processes.

Based on the specifications of our customers, we exclusively programme the corresponding software. In doing so, we develop complex web applications with database connections and perfect user guidance and also connect them to the corresponding websites of our customers within the scope of web development. We ensure that all processes function optimally and focus on the shortest possible handling paths. Users benefit from fast and fluent workflows in operation and execution.

Every software and web application from gradwerk impresses with an intuitively usable and clear user interface. We develop software that is fun for our customers, because we know that this is the only way for an application to be accepted and used successfully.

gradwerk has been designing and developing its own software products for over two decades. This includes, for example, gradwerk CMS 6, which is one of the best CMS products available on the market. Furthermore, our software creations include appointment calendar systems for culture, CRM software for associations and medium-sized companies, product and recipe maintenance systems for the food sector and much more.

Because we love software so much, we develop top-class applications.

Responsive web design

We plan and design software and websites that can always be presented and operated perfectly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. We also pay attention to issues such as gesture control, image optimisation for different display resolutions and perfect performance of your applications or websites.

Individual software solutions

For your special requirements, we offer customised solutions that are completely adapted to your wishes. We plan and design your individual software and, if desired, implement it in the CMS 6 or deliver it as a stand-alone solution on your server.

We develop mobile concepts so that your online offers also look good on tablet PCs and smartphones - cross-device, dynamic, barrier-free and, above all, sustainable.

gradwerk has been designing and developing websites based on Responsive Web Design since 2011 - so of course every project is created by our specialists in a mobile-optimised way for our customers.

Because more people surf the internet on mobile devices than on classic computers, websites should be adapted accordingly so that site visitors can easily find their way around your website. Internet users today use a wide variety of devices to surf the Internet. From ordinary PCs to laptops, tablets and smartphones. The size of the screen or display makes all the difference. Even in the conception and design phase of a website, designers and programmers must therefore ensure that the pages present themselves optimally on all devices, according to the available space.

Even in the planning phase, there are countless points to consider. How large should logos and menus be displayed? Can the menu items be operated just as well on a touchscreen display as with the mouse? Is there content that users on the move do not necessarily need?

Why Responsive Web Design?

With responsive-optimised websites, target groups can be optimally served. In times of rapidly growing sales figures of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and so-called smart wearables, responsive web design is the only optimal way of device-independent communication. For companies, Responsive Web Design is an essential factor in their communication strategy.

Offerings for all people. Barrier-free implementations.

We also develop barrier-free online offers that can be used by all users without restriction, regardless of their limitations or technical possibilities. The CMS 6 supports editors in the implementation of barrier-free web offers, it offers all possibilities to deposit the necessary content and evaluates colour contrasts on request for their suitability to be perceived by all people.

Reach more customers with barrier-free offers

In order to reach a larger target group, you should have your website designed barrier-free, because this way you will also reach more potential customers. Our society is more colourful, more diverse and in some cases older than ever, so accessible websites are the most important basis for successful communication.

Make your customers more satisfied

The usability of your digital offers is of utmost importance for the success of your online strategy. Because only good usability makes your content accessible to everyone and, above all, makes the users of your web offer more satisfied.

Increase your reach

Google and other search engines also reward accessibility on the web. If your online presence is classified as particularly user-friendly, i.e. barrier-free, this is an important evaluation criterion for making your website appear better in the search engine rankings.

Become a role model

The legal requirements for website accessibility are becoming more and more demanding. We specialise in making your online offers more accessible. We will agree the exact level with you and provide you with comprehensive advice. Therefore, invest in an accessible offer on the web and show how successful you are with it!

Bring your digital participation to the top

With accessible online presences you clearly show that social responsibility and economic efficiency are not contradictory. Support and contribute to digital participation and reach people with and without disabilities with your content.

CMS integration

To ensure that the administration of your web portals runs smoothly, we naturally also take care of the CMS integration for you. For maximum success and first-class usability, we recommend CMS 6 - it is the trendsetting website publishing system that meets all the needs of a modern website developed for mobile devices. CMS 6 makes the difference!

Shop and ordering systems

We also support you in the area of e-commerce during the digital transformation. This includes advice on the right concept for your shop system as well as design adaptation, planning and implementation right up to live operation. Of course, we also take care of the maintenance of the shop applications so that they always comply with the latest security technology.

App development and social media

iOS, Android and web app development.

From the development of native apps to the increasingly important web apps, we are your reliable partner who thinks about every project from scratch. Web apps in particular offer great advantages because the web applications, also called Progressive Web Apps (PWA for short), are designed to be powerful, reliable and installable. These three pillars transform them into an experience that feels like a platform-specific app.

Social media strategies and ongoing support

Do you need short- or long-term support in managing your social channels? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even blogs - the hip platforms of opinion exchange offer great potential for your marketing. We would be happy to help you make the most of it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With our measures, we ensure that your web pages appear in higher positions in the organic search engine rankings, the "natural listings" (i.e. in the unpaid search results). We also analyse the keywords that are important for your success and then plan our joint SEO strategy. Because only in this way will you take the strategically right path to achieve optimal results.

SEO Coaching

You would like to carry out your SEO activities yourself and just need regular coaching on the goals you have achieved and how to proceed? SEO coaching is the solution if you still want to learn something in terms of search engine optimisation.

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