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Perfect advice. The best possible care from the very beginning.

At the beginning of every project there are always comprehensive consultations and workshops. We leave nothing to chance.

Together with our customers, we develop online concepts that are geared towards success. Digitally mapping and simplifying internal and external processes is particularly important to us. With our passion for high standards, we develop mobile products that make the difference.

We define the respective requirements and carefully plan the individual components. We then see the project through to the end and beyond, ensuring that the necessary functionalities are in place.

As an agency, we attach great importance to providing you with comprehensive advice. Already in the planning phase, we consider aspects such as navigation, user-friendliness, accessibility and performant loading times in addition to the responsive web design and programming.

Furthermore, we make a selection of the required IT infrastructure during the consultation, register all necessary domain addresses or take care of the hosting of all projects programmed by us.

We develop target groups in the form of personas and their customer journeys.

Effective design and powerful software are the basis of every successful internet project. Just as important is the focus on target groups and markets, of course with the right concept.

First, in the conception phase, we design an individual online strategy together with our clients using appropriate canvas models. This enables you to bind customers and interested parties to your brand effectively and sustainably. Within the framework of online or face-to-face workshops lasting several hours, we work out the following questions, among others, before the graphic implementation of a project.

  • Value Proposition Canvas - The Value Proposition Canvas is a framework that helps to position a product or service in such a way that it meets the values and needs of the customer.
  • Personas Canvas - The Persona Canvas can be used to put a face and name to a customer segment and make it easier to put yourself in the shoes of the customer.
  • Customer Journey Canvas - The Customer Journey Canvas is a visual representation of all interactions with the target audience with a brand in the context of their customer journey.
  • Workflows - Workflows are the representation of workflows, so to speak, the possible processes on a website.
  • Digital Marketing and Measurement Model - The Digital Measurement and Marketing Model (DMMM) is a tool and a 5-step process to ensure that your marketing and communication priorities are aligned with your business objectives.
  • Design Criteria Canvas - The Design Criteria Canvas is a simple model that captures all the decisions and insights you make during your Startup Journey.
  • WebStructure Model - The website structure indicates how the information on your website is organised and prioritised.
  • Content Radar - The Content Radar looks at how useful the content is to readers and how much time they want to spend on it. This results in the distinctions "emotional" and "functional" (benefit) as well as "superficial" and "profound" (time factor).

At gradwerk, however, we are not only stratgically strong and creative, but we also offer you everything technically that goes beyond what is possible in each case. This ability helps us to put all ideas into practice. For example, we develop all the elements for your websites that are necessary for customer loyalty in order to inspire your target groups with our ideas.

In this way, our agency creates web portals, internet pages and brand websites with individual marketing ideas for better identification with your brand. We always place special focus on ensuring that all projects are implemented in a mobile-friendly manner with an appropriate responsive web design background.

For us, the implementation of a project is not based on a gut feeling, but always on the basis of a comprehensive analysis and conception.

Analysis and project planning

Important in project planning are a clear objective, the definition of the framework conditions and details of the concept. The goal here is written documentation of the project that precisely describes the function and the desired result.

In project work, however, rather few and as simple as possible rules should apply as the decisive basis for the project team to achieve the common goals. It is always crucial that a team in agile project management can and may organise itself - and that it is composed in an interdisciplinary way so that different competences come together.

Agile project management

In-depth involvement of our clients in our workflows ensures a permanent overview and increases the quality of the result. Agile project management means that an experienced project team takes care of the implementation and has a lot of freedom in doing so.

The progress of the project is always transparent for everyone and the team members continuously coordinate with each other - agile, dynamic and always in the interest of the customers. And you can always be sure that the project will be completed at exactly the time we defined at the beginning.

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