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Screenshot der Webseite Bücherpiraten e.V. mit Shop-Übersicht
Customer: Bücherpiraten e. V.
Industry: Culture
Service: Design, Software

Bücherpiraten e.V. with new online shop and crowdfunding function

The Bücherpiraten e.V. present their new webshop with sales function for books and digital items as well as an innovative crowdfunding function for book projects. Designed and programmed by the digital agency gradwerk, supported by CMS 6.


The new book pirates' webshop offers a wide range of books and digital items for sale. With a user-friendly interface and a powerful search function, it is easy to find the product you are looking for.

Crowdfunding function

A special feature of the webshop is the integrated crowdfunding function, with which users can support book projects and thus contribute to their publication. This enables authors who have difficulties publishing their projects in the traditional way to find support and bring their works to the public.

The Bücherpiraten e.V. is a children's literature house with two studio communities in Lübeck and realise many projects on the topic of books and writing with children and young people. They are known for creating stories and illustrations through the collaboration of talented authors and illustrators. Events with well-known authors are held regularly, giving visitors the opportunity to meet their favourite authors and discuss their works. Through the work of Bücherpiraten e.V., enthusiasm for reading and writing is promoted among children and young people and they are given the opportunity to create their own stories.

The digital agency gradwerk has developed and designed a new, innovative web shop that specialises in the sale of books and digital download items. A special focus of the shop is the integrated crowdfunding function, which gives users the opportunity to support book projects and thus contribute to their publication.

The webshop was created on the basis of CMS 6 and allows users to easily browse through the extensive selection of books and digital items on the website and buy their favourites. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the powerful search function, it is easy to find the desired product.

The crowdfunding feature allows users to back projects they are interested in and would like to see published. This is a great way for authors who are struggling to get their projects published through traditional means to find support and get their work out to the public after all.

Another highlight of gradwerk's new webshop is the transparency in showing the cost of an article. Each article is presented with a graphic representation that shows users how the costs are distributed among the various aspects of the product. This includes the author's share, the illustrator's share and taxes.

This feature allows users to get an accurate view of how their money is being used and how much the different parties involved are earning from the product. It is a way for users to ensure that their money is distributed fairly and equitably and that the author and illustrator are paid appropriately for their work.

This transparency in how costs are presented also supports crowdfunding, as users can see exactly how much money is needed for the project and exactly how their support will be used. Overall, this function helps to create a fair and transparent system in which both users and authors and illustrators are adequately supported.

The project was successfully implemented by gradwerk and offers seamless administration and maintenance of the shop through CMS 6.

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