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Wouldn't it be great to be able to ask all questions about the performance and success of your website by voice command and have them answered by Alexa, Amazon's successful voice assistant? That is exactly what is possible with CMS 6.

With the help of an Amazon speaker or also devices from Sonos, and additionally a free installed Alexa Skill of the CMS 6, you can give the Amazon voice assistant - in addition to the sheer countless functions for music and other services - the ability to communicate essential static data and information about your website on your voice command.

Ask Alexa where your visitors come from and how many users have visited your web pages on a certain day or in a defined period of time. In addition, you can find out how many visitors use mobile devices and how high the proportion of desktop users is. The possible evaluations also extend to figures and data on page views, origin and also general access figures for individual pages.

Talk to software? Works, thanks to Alexa integration.

Example 1
"Alexa, start CMS."
Example 2
"Alexa, ask CMS, do you know gradwerk?"
Example 3
"Alexa, ask CMS, can you upload a picture?"
Example 4
"Alexa, ask CMS, can you create a page?"
Example 5
"Alexa, ask CMS for news from the day before yesterday."
Example 6
"Alexa, ask CMS for a summary for 15 May."
Example 7
"Alexa, ask CMS about this year's most successful mobile operating systems."
Example 8
"Alexa, ask CMS what are the top ten browsers from last month?"
Example 9
"Alexa, ask CMS, what are yesterday's top five devices?"
Example 10
"Alexa, ask CMS, what are the top five entry pages from last week?"
Example 11
"Alexa, ask CMS about our keyword ranking."
Example 12
"Alexa, ask CMS where we rank on Google."
Example 13
"Alexa, ask CMS about our search engine ranking."
Example 14
"Alexa, ask CMS which country the most Mac users came from last month."
Example 15
"Alexa, ask CMS which country the most Mac users came from last month."
Example 16
"Alexa, ask CMS how many visitors came from France this month?"
Example 17
"Alexa, ask CMS where most of the visitors came from this year?"
Example 18
"Alexa, ask CMS how many Chrome visitors we had from 1 June to 15 June?"
Example 19
"Alexa, ask CMS, how many hits did the website get last week?"
Example 20
"Alexa, ask CMS for numbers from smartphone visits yesterday."
Example 21
"Alexa, ask CMS how many visitors we had yesterday?"

If you use CMS 6 together with Amazon Alexa, you can easily request statistical information by voice command. This works very naturally and quite incidentally. This makes CMS 6 the first content management system that can be controlled by voice in this way.

The Alexa CMS 6 Skill is available to our customers free of charge on the Amazon Skill pages.

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