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Computerbildschirm zeigt Benutzeroberfläche eines CMS mit Kommentaren

Simply working together, one solution for your whole team

If your team is starting or planning a new online project, then CMS 6 is just the right platform to communicate with all staff from different departments in a single system - CMS 6 is your outstanding marketing platform.

Whether you are planning a new section on your website, designing a new page and filling it with content, need to make the right image selection or want to provide downloadable documents for your customers, you can communicate directly with the whole team on all these elements. The CMS 6 comment function is the perfect solution to do this, exchange ideas on the right image selection, add links to other content to your comments and make thematic references. Write posts and tag them with freely definable keywords to be able to filter by specific topics later on.

Existing comments are displayed in every section, page, image, document or script. Even in the content overviews, a small speech bubble shows you whether comments are available or not. So you never miss a conversation.

Communication made easy

In a separate module, also permanently accessible on the CMS 6 start screen, all communications are aggregated and brought together, so you won't miss any important comment or note. In addition, all conversations can also be searched globally. In this way, CMS 6 brings all of your team's communications together, creating a common place where conversations can be organised transparently. The comment function of CMS 6 forms the basis for your team work.

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