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CMS 6 protects the privacy of your website visitors. DSGVO-ready!

We are convinced that everyone has the right to their data and may decide for themselves what happens to them and what does not. For this reason, we have designed CMS 6 in such a way that websites designed and implemented with our system respect and protect the privacy of visitors.

The EU has passed a uniform data protection law, the DSGVO, for this purpose and it is intended to better protect the personal data of each individual and to encourage companies to give more thought to data protection. So that you can also meet these requirements for your website, we have developed a variety of functions in CMS 6 that protect the privacy of your online customers.

The Data Protection Manager stores all online consent forms and supports the deletion of user data.

With the help of the CMS 6 Data Protection Manager, all consent forms of your website forms and modules can be collected anonymously in a central register. This also records which declaration text was accepted at the time of consent. The export function can also be used to comply with the obligation to provide proof, so that consents can be saved in a file according to time period and type for forwarding to data protection authorities making enquiries.

All CMS 6 forms and modules support a special data protection element in which users' consent to data processing and storage can be requested. In this way, the transmission of personal data takes place with a DSGVO-compliant declaration of consent for data storage and is logged in the data protection manager.

In order to also be able to answer user questions about stored personal data, an internal search request can be executed within CMS 6; this then locates the corresponding personal data within existing databases and content pages. This gives you as a website operator the possibility to search for user data in your database without much effort and to be able to provide correct information quickly when users request information and also to delete it if desired.

The Cookie Manager gives users real freedom of choice

The CMS 6 Cookie Manager allows the DSGVO- and ePrivacy-compliant use of website cookies on your web pages. The visitor is informed about the scope and purpose of the cookies used and can, if desired, permanently prevent the execution of cookies from certain categories. For example, cookies set by Vimeo or YouTube can be blocked. These videos will then no longer be displayed to the visitors concerned, but they will receive a special visual and textual notice in the case of hidden content that cookie settings currently prevent the display of this element.

In accordance with the DSGVO requirements and the demands of the data protection conference, the first page view of a user does not lead to any tracking; it is therefore a genuine opt-in process with CMS 6. If desired, a subsequent change or revocation of the user's consent is possible directly via the website by opting out; a separate cookie declaration page can be used for this purpose. Optionally, the cookie manager supports the "Do Not Track" feature of many web browsers and thus does not preselect cookie categories, but leaves them in the unselected state.

News from your company, only as long as your customers want it.

Thanks to the double opt-in function for newsletter registrations, you can be sure that your customers really want to receive your news regularly by newsletter. If you work with different subject groups, a double opt-in is carried out for each mailing group in accordance with the DSGVO and is recorded digitally in the CMS.

A new re-opt-in function enables an adjustable and regular double opt-in. This means that, according to data protection, you are required to update your users' consent to receive your mailings at regular intervals, if possible. This is done completely automatically in CMS 6 according to your specifications; you determine the interval individually for each mailing group.

To ensure that user data is also forgotten in accordance with DSGVO, you can also define when unverified or unsubscribed subscribers are to be deleted. This ensures that your database is always up to date and does not contain any unused recipient data. All in the interest of your customers' privacy.

Security and data protection go hand in hand

With the help of these extensive functionalities, CMS 6 is one of the first systems to give your site visitors control over their privacy and you, as the site operator, the necessary data protection features. What's more, every web address hosted on our servers is automatically encrypted as part of our CMS 6 licence packages, so your users' data is always secure and protected from access by others.

Please note that our reference to the GDPR and the features mentioned do not constitute legal advice. Please speak to your data protection officer or lawyer about this.

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