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Lots of great features in CMS 6.

CMS 6 is the software with the WOW effect.

Behind the simple design of the user interface are an incredible number of functions that come into play when you need them - or don't even realise it. The following overview gives you an excerpt of what the CMS 6 can do for you and your daily online work, depending on the licence you choose. The best CMS you have ever seen!

Users and groups

Multiple websites. Everything in one place.

Use a single login to manage different websites in your organisation. Give different people detailed user rights to functions, websites and modules. Using default settings for user accounts such as admin, editor-in-chief and editor, rights can be distributed quickly and uniformly.

Approval process. And everything runs like clockwork.

Depending on authorisation, content can be published directly or submitted to other groups, departments or individuals for review and approval. Automatic e-mail notifications remind users of the status of content still to be checked and necessary approvals. Each editor can be assigned to corresponding groups.

Business cards. Promote team spirit.

Each editor has their own business card within CMS 6, which can be accessed by the entire editorial team. The card contains all useful contact information, the office location and links to social profiles.

Logging. For more transparency.

All user activities are logged and recorded in log files. This allows processes and their authorship to be clearly viewed and monitored.

User groups. Clear and centralised rights management.

With the help of so-called user groups, access rights for all users can be managed and administered centrally and very conveniently. The function clearly shows you whether the respective CMS user has more or fewer rights than defined in the group.

Content and layout functions

Layout engine. Everything in the right place.

A new type of layout engine developed by gradwerk opens up significant freedom in the creation and maintenance of content on websites. It supports many different content types (text, images, media and third-party content) as well as expandable layouts. Elements are conveniently added with a click and moved using drag-and-drop.

Responsive design. Looks perfect everywhere.

CMS 6 supports all necessary technologies and offers all functions for creating and operating modern, adaptive layouts using dynamically displayed image sizes. Depending on the display, images are automatically loaded in the appropriate size. In addition, different media sizes can be managed and the necessary media queries can be stored during development.

WYSIWYG editor. Quick and easy to use.

Use of one of the most modern and powerful WYSIWYG editors for managing and entering text. Support for different text formatting, alignments, links and tables.

Quick editing. Fast, faster, fastest.

Enter text and content directly into the website layout. Text flow and line breaks correspond 100 % to the presentation on the website. The input is always in relation to the design of the page. You can see the result as you type.

The new type of preview. Finally realistic thanks to Device View!

When you look at the appearance of your pages, you will immediately appreciate the new preview function of CMS 6. This simulates your website in the display of around two dozen end devices, including countless popular smartphones and tablet PCs through to notebooks and desktop computers. As soon as you have selected one of the devices, the size of your preview page adjusts automatically and shows you how it will be displayed on the respective device. The list of available devices and resolutions is constantly being updated and expanded by us.

Text element. This is where the word counts.

You can use text blocks to place texts in different sizes and with different formatting on the page. Of course, this also includes lists and links.

Do you speak social?

Within your pages, you can use the "Social posts" element to insert posts from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook into your page content with just a few clicks. All you need to do is enter the URL of the post and CMS 6 will automatically embed it correctly in your content.

Image element. A picture says more than 1000 words.

Simply insert new images by selecting them from the directory tree or loading them directly into the website. Drag and drop the image from your desktop into the CMS 6. You can also link them directly to other content. By additionally specifying the image and photographer rights, you can automatically display copyright notices next to the photos.

EXIF data. The digital footprint of your images.

Using the EXIF data generated by cameras, we can automatically read out copyright information and alternative image descriptions and save them in CMS 6. This saves you a lot of time manually entering the copyright details of the photos you use.

Autolabels make searching a breeze. It is like magic!

Thanks to the powerful and integrated media browser and an integrated quick search, you can find content and elements quickly and accurately. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence is used when uploading your images. This automatically recognises what is in the respective image and tags it with appropriate keywords. The CMS 6 recognises buildings, scenes, faces and moods, as well as logos, colours and shapes, and adds this information to your image. Famous buildings are provided with location details and a map section.

"Image with text" element. Simply belongs together.

To insert new image elements, you can select existing images from the directory tree or upload images directly to the website. Drag and drop the image element directly from your desktop into the CMS 6. You can also enter and display a text for each image. This is useful, for example, for explanations or copyright information about the image.

Image cropping mode. Click, click ... done!

If fixed image sizes are defined in the layout of a page, editors can use the convenient image cropping mode when inserting images that are too large and insert your images according to the grid specifications. Using the appropriate tool, you can select the desired ratio and crop the image to the correct size. All you have to do is select the best image section.

Edit images. The perfect tuning.

Within CMS 6, images can be subsequently cropped, resized, mirrored, rotated and retouched using the Image Editor. Colour balance, brightness and contrast can also be adjusted. With the help of integrated blur and sharpening tools, appropriate effects can be applied to photos.

Database objects. The perfect way to integrate dynamic data.

With the help of database objects, content that has been created in an event database, for example, can also be embedded in classic content pages and newsletters.

The right focus for your images.

CMS 6 is able to automatically crop images to a specific size. For example, if an image is to appear as part of a preview for its larger counterpart on your website or small previews are used for image galleries. With the help of CMS 6, you can easily shift the focus of your original image at any time, for example to the area where faces or important components are located. In these cases, the CMS 6 crops your images completely automatically without changing the original files.

Automatic face recognition. The right focus - also completely automatically.

As soon as you insert photos with faces, we automatically analyse the corresponding face in CMS 6 and automatically set the focus on the tip of the person's nose, so that manual placement is no longer necessary for the CMS editors.

Images for displays with high pixel density. Your website images have never been so sharp.

The CMS 6 can automatically reproduce images in high resolution, which can also be displayed particularly sharply on devices with high-resolution screens. The so-called picture element is used for this with the help of <picture> and <srcset>. With its help, HQ images are only loaded on screens that support this display. It is important that images are also stored in higher quality in CMS 6. The rest then runs automatically. This means that your visitors can recognise images, diagrams and text in images more clearly than ever before on Apple Retina Displays or other HQ screens from other manufacturers.

Media gallery. New moving insights.

Editors can use the media gallery to add entire galleries to their pages with a single click. Existing images can also be selected from the tree or uploaded using drag-and-drop. The highlight: videos can be combined with images in a gallery. All you need to do is enter the web address of the video; CMS 6 takes care of the integration automatically and supports the most important video portals such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Fast websites thanks to image optimisation.

Within CMS 6, images that you upload to your web server are automatically optimised. Images (in JPG, PNG and GIF formats) can be optimised to be up to 95% smaller without compromising display quality. Editors do not have to make any selections or decisions, everything runs automatically in the background.

Forms Pro. Sounds complicated, but it's really quite simple.

With Forms Pro, you can easily create and integrate your own forms. The easy-to-use editor allows you to create simple and complex forms for registration and contact forms in just a few minutes, including upload functions for your visitors' files. Form entries from your site visitors can either be sent to you by e-mail or saved in databases, depending on your requirements.

Video. Great cinema.

With the video element, editors insert videos into the page by entering the video URL. CMS 6 handles the entire integration automatically and supports the most important video portals such as Vimeo and YouTube. Unbelievable, isn't it? Copy and paste the link - and you're done!

Blogging. Just talk about it.

A discussion function can be integrated with just a few clicks to give a site the opportunity to communicate with users. We rely on the best-known of all solutions: Disqus. All you have to do is enter your Disqus ID and start your own company blog immediately. This solution is multilingual and even ideally suited for mobile websites.

Teaser. For the news business.

Teasers are used to automatically read pages from a specific area and display news in abbreviated or modified form, for example on the homepage. This technology considerably minimises the maintenance work for editors. Teasers can generate the shortened text automatically. However, to avoid duplication of content, it is possible to enter different teaser texts.

The internet turbo: "Accelerated Mobile Pages" format, AMP for short.

This is now the new way to consume articles and posts on the move. Website operators who publish their own news and articles as publishers or bloggers can make them available to Google based on AMP technology. The necessary rich snippets are automatically generated and made available to Google for better recognition of the article. The advantage: mobile users see such articles, which are labelled with a lightning bolt symbol, in a special news carousel in the Google search, among other things. Loading such articles takes less than a second - so it works incredibly quickly!

Search function. If you search, you will find.

Add a search function to your website with a single click, giving visitors quick access to search your website.

Security. "You can't get in here!"

Add all functions relevant for secure page areas to a page. This includes masks for logging in, changing or restoring passwords and registration. Use the security function to make page areas only accessible to certain visitors via login. This makes it easy to set up intra- and extranets or protected member areas and to protect and manage them using global security levels.

Mailing. The gateway to your newsletter.

Insert input masks for your newsletter subscribers into the page. Here you can simply request the e-mail address or detailed data such as the address and subject area of the interested party. You can use this information to filter your mailings and reach the right recipients in a targeted manner.

Google Maps. This way.

With Google Maps elements, you can easily add maps to your website. You configure the location via an integrated and worldwide address search, the general appearance of the map, the range of functions and many other settings. There is no need to copy and paste pieces of code.

Multilingual websites. The easiest exercise.

All content can be managed and maintained for different national languages. This makes it child's play to set up a multilingual website and manage it clearly.

Not only CMS, but also image management. Where you would expect it.

CMS 6 also serves as a comprehensive image management system that can also display and process formats that cannot otherwise be visualised on websites (e.g. RAW files and working files from image processing programs). In addition to the auto-labelling function and many other recorded criteria, the search function integrated in CMS 6 allows you to easily search through thousands of images within seconds and use them on your websites. Of course, you can also easily store your printable data in the CMS and load it when you need it. Simply image management as you would expect.

Safe is safe. The Image Protector makes image theft more difficult.

If you want to prevent or make it more difficult for people to download your images from websites, the CMS 6 Image Protector offers you additional protection against the unwanted duplication of online images. It prevents actions such as drag-and-drop, right-click copying or tap-and-hold on mobile devices. It also offers the option of displaying a copyright when triggered with the right mouse button. In addition, high-resolution images can be prevented from being listed in the image indexes of search engines, and even a general block can be set up.

CMS 6 Composer is your innovative AI text generator.

Revolutionise copywriting with CMS 6 Composer, the world's first AI text generator natively integrated into a CMS. This powerful writing tool allows creators to create and save a variety of documents that can be fully generated with either customised text or by using ChatGPT-powered AI. Seamless integration makes the writing process easier and faster than ever before.

Seamless integration. Wherever you need the AI text generator.

Thanks to the seamless integration in CMS 6, the Composer can be used at all relevant points in the page structure. Whether text elements, input fields or database content - the AI text generator is always available. In addition, users always have access to the history of generated AI texts as well as to their own or shared documents, enabling unprecedented interaction with artificial intelligence.

Generous range of templates. Constantly expanding.

With hundreds of continuously expanded text types and templates, the AI text generator offers a perfect starting point for successful content marketing. These templates cover a wide range of categories, including blog articles, e-commerce, communications, marketing, HR and much more. This means that the right template is available for every type of text.

Optimised for SEO. Better rankings.

With the option to include defined keywords for your pages, the AI text generator unfolds its full SEO potential in combination with the CMS 6 SEO Vital Values function. This function offers a comprehensive on-page analysis system for page content and keyword density. This allows companies to better tailor their content to their target groups, which ultimately leads to better placement in search results and greater reach.

Unbeatable integration. Copy & paste is a thing of the past.

The texts generated by Composer can be inserted into the relevant field with just one click. Manual copying and pasting of texts is now a thing of the past. This makes writing texts even easier and faster and enables full integration of the AI power in all input fields of websites. This makes the CMS 6 Composer an indispensable tool for successful content marketing strategies.

Always available. AI never sleeps.

The CMS 6 Composer with integrated AI text generator takes on the function of a copywriter or translator and thus enables considerable time and cost savings in the creation of high-quality content. This makes the CMS 6 Composer an indispensable tool for any successful content marketing strategy.

Revolutionary database functions with approval process

CMS 6 takes databases to the next level! The functions not only provide a clear overview, but also a complete approval process that gives you control over your database entries.

A list of all versions

With CMS 6, the last saved versions of the respective editors are displayed for each database entry. This function allows you to quickly jump back to older versions if necessary.

Complete release process

Optionally, you can set up a complete approval process in which templates must be checked and approved by senior editors.

Editing over several days

Database entries can be temporarily set to draft status and edited over several days before being published.

E-mail notifications

Editors receive an email notification as soon as database entries have been submitted for review.

New dashboard

Widget The new dashboard widget shows you all database entries submitted for review immediately after logging in.

Traffic light system status display

The current status is displayed via a traffic light system in the data record overview.

Extended content and functions

Everything in one system. Image management as you've always wanted it.

CMS 6 offers professional image management that also allows you to manage and display non-web image formats (such as PSD, DNG and EPS) in the CMS. With just one click, these can also be converted into formats such as JPEG and PNG and then used within your own website.

More content types. More flexible than ever before.

In addition to pages, editors can create sections, objects, links and files in the file tree. All elements can be quickly accessed and created using clearly organised functions. Alternatively, keyboard shortcuts or context menus can be used to reach the target faster with a secondary click. You can also highlight all elements in colour. This gives you and your colleagues an even better overview when working with folders and files.

Tagging. Organise your content.

Add your own keywords to your pages so that they can be included in a filtered presentation on the website, for example (product and recipe categories). Editors can easily create their own top categories and tagging terms via CMS 6 and use them immediately for your pages. This ensures order and organisation.

Quick-Search. Probably the fastest CMS search in the world.

Quick Search allows you to search for all conceivable content and elements from any module within CMS 6. Not only can you find pages faster than ever before, but also images, documents, database entries, rules, scripts, user accounts and much more.

File upload. Almost like on your computer.

Decide before each file upload whether you want to overwrite existing files with the same name, skip them or keep both versions.

Share you data.

In CMS 6, editors can generate a separate share link for each folder and thus make the images or documents contained therein available to external users. It is possible to determine from when and until when this link is valid, whether a password must be entered or whether the number of accesses to this link is limited. This makes it extremely easy to share image data with journalists or other agencies, for example.

Dates. Punctual and reliable.

Pages can be given an activation and expiry date and time so that they can appear or disappear automatically, be deleted or moved to an archive. Once defined, the rest runs completely automatically.

QR codes. Just a scan away.

A QR code is automatically generated for each page, which you can download in print-ready quality and use in your next marketing campaign. Of course, you can also use the code in CMS 6 to scan it directly with your smartphone and simply call up the page without having to type in the web address.

Link check. How to keep your website intact.

You can now use the integrated link check on any folder. The CMS 6 searches all pages contained in the folder and checks the links used there. If some of them are no longer accessible, you can easily find them using a list and correct the errors.

Navigation. No more menu item hullabaloo.

As a rule, your pages must be made accessible via navigation. The links in the respective menus can be set and defined directly when creating pages. From now on, you have an overview of all functions and processes in a single structure tree. There is no need to switch between content and navigation points.

Customised software "on board". Made for you.

With CMS 6, you can not only manage your page content, but also all other database concepts that are relevant for your website. From seminar and event databases to extensive product lists, order systems, address and sales lists and much more - there are no limits to your creativity. This customised software is created by gradwerk and seamlessly integrated into the CMS for you, with the same intuitive user interface that you already know from CMS 6.

Place dynamic content with database objects like never before!

With the help of customised and seamlessly integrated CMS 6 databases, you can manage products, job advertisements, contact persons, properties, FAQs and much more. Now imagine being able to insert one or more of these data sets in a perfectly designed way anywhere on your website, simply between your text, images, videos and other page elements. Perhaps you are describing a service and you would also like to generate and insert a kind of contact card for your employee from the contact database. Is that not possible? And you can do it without any programming knowledge! This data can then be sent to different output formats, such as websites or IoT devices, via an interface. In this case, the CMS 6 acts as a so-called headless CMS without anticipating the publication process of this data. The steps are very simple: insert database object, select database and specify one or more data records for display - done!

Geo-IP content filter. Let me show you what interests you.

By specifying which menu items should be visible or invisible to visitors from certain countries, you can implement your global content strategy more easily than ever before. Thanks to so-called country groups, you can summarise certain countries into a cluster, for example the DACH region, South America, Baltic countries or EU members. In the menu items, you can then assign individual countries with activated IP control or select the country groups you have defined yourself. You can then simulate each country within the CMS 6 preview in order to simulate and check the appearance of your website from the perspective of each country.

Shorter is sometimes better. Short links made by

A special service for our customers are dynamically shortened web addresses, so-called short links. These shortened addresses are particularly important when used in social networks, as you only have a few characters available for your message. This service can be used flexibly by our customers and users of CMS 6. Simply press the short link button and you will receive a shortened and permanently valid web address.

Find more than you are looking for.

Integrate a full-text search into your web pages that can not only display pages and dynamic content and locate them for your visitors, but also PDF documents stored in CMS 6. Each PDF document is automatically indexed when it is uploaded. This means that the content of the file is also extracted for the search index and taken into account in the website search.

Bring movement into play for good conversion.

With the help of element animations, editors can select from a pool of effects suitable for their pages and thus determine where they appear and which texts and images should move. Depending on the visitor's scroll position, the animations of text, images, galleries and buttons, for example, are then displayed as the page visitor scrolls. Alternatively, animations can be hidden on mobile devices such as smartphones and thus remain reserved for larger displays.

CMS 6 online ticketing

Experience a new era of online ticketing with CMS 6, a system that allows you to generate digital tickets in the form of personalised QR codes or NFC tags and use them for admission control at your events and services.

Simple and convenient: personalised tickets by e-mail

With CMS 6 Online Ticketing, your customers can conveniently receive their tickets by email, but also as a dynamically generated PDF - i.e. as a digital ticket. A payment process can also be integrated via an optional payment system.

Mobile admission control with the CMS 6 Scanner WebApp

With the CMS 6 Scanner WebApp, you can carry out admission control and authentication via camera scan on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs.

Versatile and customisable: automatic code generation and rule wizards

Thanks to automatic code generation as part of CMS 6 databases, you can reset your codes at any time in the event of a loss. You can also create different scanner applications for different locations, people and purposes and allow employees to access the scanner application on their own devices (BYOD).

You can use the extensive rule wizards to restrict the scanner application (location, time) and make changes to the databases after a scan. Various rules are also available for plausibility checks (payment, successful login).

Complete overview: search, logging and event-related history

With the CMS 6 Scanner, you have the capture of QR codes and NFC scans (Android only) under control and can find and manually capture registrations and participants using the full search function within the app. You also have access to an event-related history and comprehensive logging of the scan processes within CMS 6.

Intelligent translations

Your website becomes international with just one click.

Thanks to the world's best deep learning techniques, you as an editor can carry out page translations with a single click. Simply select your target language in CMS 6 and the system will translate the elements contained in the page, such as texts, captions, forms, page titles, descriptions and the page URL, on request. CMS 6 supports Indonesian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Italian, Slovakian, Chinese, Japanese, Slovenian, Danish, Latvian, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Czech, English, Dutch, Turkish, Estonian, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian and Russian.

Easy to play with databases in all languages.

Even the widely used databases within CMS 6, which are used for dates, products, articles and much more, can be translated with a single click.

Fast translation, everything under control.

You can call up the quick translator at any time in all CMS modules using a shortcut. This helper is particularly handy if you need to produce a text or passage for your newsletter or online chat.


Incredibly many possibilities.

With the help of a variety of different widgets, personalised information can be placed and arranged on the CMS 6 start screen. These can include statistical evaluations of your websites, the latest news from your favourite daily newspaper, the cheapest petrol stations in your area, share prices or the next appointments from your personal calendar.

All data, how and where you want it.

All widgets can be customised in terms of size and display and adapted to your personal requirements. You can drag and drop widgets on the CMS 6 home screen and arrange them as you wish.

Search engine optimisation

Indexing and searchability. So that you can be found.

With CMS 6, you can create pages with clean HTML code that can be easily indexed by search engines. You automatically get the best version of a website and don't need any SEO plugins.

Speaking URLs. This is how web addresses look good.

All CMS 6 pages are displayed with speaking URLs. We do not use any numerical IDs in the web address, which are rated negatively by search engines. You can also define and subsequently change your page URLs yourself at any time. In general, CMS 6 offers extensive and varied setting options for domain assignment and definition. For example, customised names for page folders are taken into account in the URL.

Virtual directories.

The so-called virtual directories, which you can freely define and set up with just a few clicks, offer you even more freedom. This allows you to create short and memorable addresses with page redirects and activate them immediately. You can also set up several directories for a single page, such as Where you previously had to ask your administrator for help, you can now simply do it yourself.

Page titles and metadata. Quick and easy.

Each page title, which is very important for the indexing of websites in search engines, can be named individually and multilingually. Furthermore, all metadata settings can also be made for each individual page, deviating from the global rule.

XML sitemap. The hot line to Google.

An XML sitemap is generated for each website specifically for better indexing by Google, which is continuously and automatically updated. This XML file contains every link on your website and also the URLs to your images so that your pages are indexed perfectly. Even if a lot of Javascript is used, Google can easily retrieve an up-to-date overview of all pages and links.

Image tags. So that Google knows what your images say.

Images can be easily tagged with <ALT> and <TITLE> tags, which in turn benefits indexing by search engines.

Dynamically generated pages. Don't be afraid of databases.

Entire pages are often generated from CMS 6 databases developed specifically for customers, such as for recipes, products or dates. These dynamically generated pages are also equipped with so-called speaking URLs in CMS 6 and are automatically listed in the XML sitemap that is so important for Google. This means that your SEO campaign will not miss out on this content either.

Caching. Turbo for the Internet.

All pages utilise the latest caching methods so that your pages are displayed quickly for returning visitors. Search engines also reward this technology with a better ranking, as the speed of a website is what counts most for them.

Robots exclusion standard.

Of course, you can also edit and modify the instructions of your robots.txt file directly in CMS 6. From a search engine perspective, you are therefore ideally prepared to provide Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. with the information they expect.

Domain redirect. One for all!

If you use different domain addresses for your website, it is important that search engines only use one. With the help of a domain redirect, we ensure that all domain names are redirected to one and the same domain so that search engines do not classify content under different addresses as a harmful duplication of this content.

With the keyword ranking, you can always see where your pages rank!

With the help of the rankings, you can see what progress your website has already made in the search engines. Determine which search terms should be automatically monitored in the ranking analysis and which geographical locations should be taken into account. Simply enter a keyword or a combination, define the country in which the search result (paid and organic entries) should be checked - and the CMS 6 will monitor the position regularly and automatically without you having to log into the CMS. From now on, you can keep an eye on the results of your search engine optimisation!

Analysis and optimisation with SEO evaluations

The SEO evaluations offer comprehensive functions to analyse and optimise the vital values of your website. The tool determines meta data such as the keyword in the page path and page title, the meta description in general and the keyword in the meta description. The HTML content is also analysed, including headings, general keyword density in headings, keyword density of the keyword in the page content, alternative texts for images and the ratio of the page content to HTML.

Keeping an eye on loading time and size

The SEO analyses also take page load time and page size into account to ensure that your website loads quickly and efficiently. This not only improves the user experience, but also the search engine ranking. With the statistical values for the last six months for sessions, unique users, page views, bounce rate and dwell time, you have the opportunity to track and optimise the optimisation efforts for your website.

Colour coding for a better overview

The SEO evaluations are designed to be user-friendly and offer colour coding of the optimisation requirements for page content. The colours help you to get a quick overview and quickly identify where there is a need for optimisation. The tool thus offers you comprehensive optimisation tools to optimise your website for search engines and achieve more traffic and higher rankings.

Editors benefit from the new functions

With the new SEO analyses in CMS 6, editors can take their website to a new level. The functions enable a comprehensive analysis and optimisation of the vital values of each individual page in order to support the successful optimisation of the page content. The SEO analyses are the ultimate tool for a successful online presence and enable editors to make their website even more successful.

The AI statistics module. Comprehensive analysis of your website.

The CMS 6 statistics module is a comprehensive solution for analysing your website. It provides an overview of all key figures, including page views, sessions, individual users, bounce rate and dwell time.

Analysing website performance

This module allows you to analyse your website performance in depth by displaying complex and non-congruent period comparisons both graphically and numerically. By applying new calculation methods, you get an even more accurate picture of your website's performance.

Monitoring lead generation

The latest targeting features enable live monitoring of your lead generation, which can be analysed in conversion rates and even monetised.

Extended functions and data protection compliance

The statistics module offers numerous new functions, including a revised statistics overview with all important key figures, new chart displays, filter functions for period comparisons and revised menu items and reports. This module is also data protection-compliant and GDPR-ready.

AI web analyses: a new level of data interpretation

With the integration of AI web analyses, the CMS 6 statistics module represents a revolution in data interpretation. With the help of ChatGPT's AI technology, the complex data of your website performance is translated into comprehensible analyses.

Accessible and in-depth data collection

With the CMS 6 statistics module, you can experience a new form of data collection. The AI-driven analysis makes in-depth analyses accessible to everyone and transforms your website data into understandable reports.

Effective data communication

The various export options of CMS 6 Statistics make it easier to share your analyses. The PDF reports now also contain the findings of the AI analysis and are ideal for sharing within your organisation or project.

Unleash the potential of your website

Use the power of the latest AI technology to understand and optimise the performance of your website. The CMS 6 statistics module helps you to discover and utilise the true potential of your website.


Create mailings. Easier than ever before.

Creating a mailing is just like creating a page in CMS 6. You choose your template and with just a few clicks you can add text and images, add further elements if required or simply move them using drag-and-drop. Creating a mailing has never been so easy.

Mailings with dynamic content.

With the help of so-called database objects, dynamic content can also be flexibly integrated into the newsletter or the next mailing, for example from appointment databases. The content is read from the database at the time the newsletter is created and integrated into the mail template accordingly.

Personalised, right from the very first line.

In addition to dynamic salutations in the text of your mailing, you can also dynamically include a gender-specific salutation in the subject line of the mail. This increases the personal impact of your message and, above all, increases the open rate of your newsletter.

Addresses. The basis of your website: the visitors.

Addresses can be collected via website forms, entered manually via the CMS 6 or conveniently imported and continuously synchronised with company data. It is possible to maintain addresses with different content or add fields. For example, classify addresses according to product utilisation or contact types - you have complete freedom. Some visitors may already be customers, partners or simply interested parties.

Groups. So that everyone only gets what they want to read.

For mailings, you can summarise addresses in groups. For example, these could be addresses from Hamburg only, contacts who are only interested in a certain topic or people who are not yet customers of your company. The mailing system also follows your international strategy: for example, you can categorise and send newsletters according to national languages. The mailing module provides you with extremely flexible techniques for this.

Reporting. The mailing follow-up.

You can determine whether your mailing is really successful using the reports provided in real time. Among other things, you can see in detail the current open rates of your emails, how often links have been clicked on and which regions your users come from. You can also see whether your recipients have read, only skimmed or even ignored your mailings, broken down into desktop and mobile users. If you wish, you can also automatically receive a clear summary by e-mail two days after sending. Reporting couldn't be better.

High-speed performance. Wooshh!

If you have your hosting operated by our company, you automatically receive access to our high-performance mail servers, which use SMTP to send your mail in the shortest possible time. Alternatively, you can also create and use your own SMTP servers in the mailing module. This keeps your IT department headache-free and your mailings effective.

Forms Pro

The Forms Pro module is a tool for creating and managing forms for websites that is directly integrated into CMS 6. It enables users to create and label simple and complex forms using drag & drop.

Functions and features of the module

The module offers 22 element types from which users can create multilingual forms, including text fields, multiple choice questions, date pickers, image and text output and more. It has extensive customisation options, including start and end times, button labels and a preview mode.

It also offers extensive statistical analyses, including visits, views, shipments and cancellations, as well as average processing times and error rates. It also supports ARIA tooltips to make form elements accessible.

Database Management

The Forms Pro module allows users to automatically generate databases that serve as a database for completed forms. Administrators can create relations to existing databases and manage forms centrally and use them multiple times within the website. Setting options to prevent spam entries by bots and extensive statistical analyses round off the database management.

Administrator functions

Administrators have the option of exporting forms to PDFs or to third-party systems such as Slack and Stackfield. They can also provide customised functions and create links to existing databases.


CMS 6 Meetings - your communication platform

With the new CMS 6 Meetings module, you can get in touch with all your teams, colleagues and customers and hold video conferences directly from CMS 6. The CMS 6 thus becomes your all-encompassing communication platform.

Developed with the latest technology

CMS 6 Meetings is gradwerk's own development and is based on the latest and most modern WebRTC technology. The lean and easy-to-use user interface makes meetings even more pleasant.

Data protection compliant

Hosting takes place on gradwerk's own servers and is GDPR-compliant. Direct calls with CMS users and external contact persons can be invited.

Simple organisation of online meetings

With the invitation management for online meetings, you can plan your meetings and invite all participants by email. Different time zones and national languages are taken into account. A reminder function ensures that you don't forget any upcoming meetings.

Effective communication

You can share your screen and presentations using the integrated screen sharing function. An integrated chat including emoji picker and file exchange helps you to communicate during meetings.

More privacy

With AI technology, a virtual background can be superimposed to hide the real room situation.

High audio and video quality

CMS 6 Meetings delivers high quality audio and video thanks to the latest WebRTC technology.

Convenient to use

CMS 6 Meetings can be used conveniently in any modern web browser and your participants do not need to download any software.

Quick access to ongoing meetings

A headphone icon in the CMS 6 status bar displays a pulsating display of ongoing meetings, allowing quick access to the list of participants. Access rights can be controlled via the user administration.


If you don't ask, you stay stupid.

Creating a survey has never been easier than with CMS 6 surveys. You can intuitively set up and structure your online survey. You can use text and comment fields, multiple-choice questions, selection and drop-down menu matrices, questions with percentage distribution, images or descriptive texts. For better organisation, you can determine when the next question should appear on a new page. All elements can be subsequently moved to new positions using drag-and-drop.

No ideas? Our templates will help you get started.

More than 400 question and answer examples are waiting to be used. You can insert them into your survey with just a few clicks. All templates are sorted by topic and can be easily searched. They include topics ranging from education, demographics, customer feedback, market research, human resources, events, technology and media to healthcare.

Intelligent surveys. With extra logic.

With so-called question pipelines, you can redirect participants to other questions or pages or end a survey prematurely. Furthermore, random assignments help you to avoid duplicate answers. If desired, answers are listed randomly with each new call.

Everyone can take part. Or not?

You can design your surveys so that anyone can take part - or you can use a special link to invite only certain people. You can also use the addresses and groups stored in the mailing system. With the help of an integrated e-mail function, invitations are sent electronically and directly from the survey system. Optionally, a survey can also be ended automatically at a specific time or when a specified number of participants is reached.

Results and analyses. In all shapes and colours.

With the help of the analysis function, you can see all questions and answers and their percentage distribution in the form of tables. In addition, graphics and diagrams emphasise the distribution of answers. Furthermore, you can compare questions and answers and thus put results in relation to each other. For example: What is the level of user satisfaction among tablet PC users, or how important is in-company training to people from the research sector? Of course, you can also export all survey results and process them statistically in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

Tell me where you come from. The statistics give you answers.

The integrated statistics system shows you for all or individual surveys how many people took part and when. It also shows the processing time, the origin of the visitors and whether they used a desktop computer or a mobile device. This allows you to continuously adapt your surveys to the habits of your users and optimise them.


Your all-in-one signage solution. A universe full of possibilities.

The CMS 6 Commander is the comprehensive solution for stationary information distribution in companies or public spaces. The Commander is suitable as a marketing status board, employee information system, display board for your customers and visitors or as a touch-enabled multimedia interface at a trade fair. It can be displayed on a TV on the wall, a PC display, on your tablet PC or smartphone, i.e. even on the move.

Your status board is ready. Simply drag and drop.

With the help of widgets, users can set up their Commander screens directly in CMS 6. For example, measure the success of your website in real time. With the help of curve, pie and bar charts, lists, trend displays and speedometers, you can transform hard facts into conclusive and tangible information. Of course, you can also use widgets for texts, images and videos, just as you are used to from the CMS.

Customised widgets make your status board unique.

Thanks to the integrated scripting engine, gradwerk can programme all conceivable widgets. Read data from your webshop, ERP or CRM system. Load the data from your website, for example, to utilise and display event data, your company contacts, news, the product of the month and much more in the widgets created for you.

Touch-capable and the champion of your trade fair presence. Guaranteed!

CMS 6 makes it easy to create your interactive presentations. With the CMS 6 Commander, your visitors can easily browse through galleries, play videos, read information or even open further links in a dedicated Commander window. They can then use their finger, a mouse or the trackpad to control the system.

Timing is everything. The right information at the right time.

CMS 6 allows you to display your dashboards company-wide on different output devices, password-protected if required. You can plan the display of the various themed Commander screens according to the day of the week and time. Thanks to the indication of the device location, the status board switches to a day or night look if required, which is easy on the eyes and saves energy.

The right styling is everything.

Various designs are already available for your Commander screens. However, all dashboards can also be customised to suit your requirements and your company's corporate design. You enjoy absolute freedom and individuality here.

Statusboard, full speed ahead!

With the Commander Remote Express, you can conjure up a remote control on your smartphone in seconds using a QR code, NFC scan or Eddystone beacon technology and use it to pause, fast-forward and rewind your status boards or select specific status boards for display. Just as you wish - ingeniously simple!

The future starts here - with the CMS 6 Commander rules.

With the help of triggers and rules, you can set your Commander to display the status boards that are intended for the respective employee when they enter your office. When the employee leaves the office again, the Commander returns to the previous display row. These rules can be started or cancelled using iBeacon, Eddystone or NFC technology. Alternatively, services such as IFTTT can also be integrated to have the Commander execute a corresponding rule when a Wi-Fi button is pressed, for example. Sounds like science fiction? But it's already a reality for us.

Mobile Tagging Manager

For the success of your retail advertising strategy. Clear and transparent.

Are you planning to use QR codes or NFC tags in your shops, offices or showrooms? In just a few steps, you can conveniently register each individual mobile tag directly in CMS 6. You can also record important additional information such as the transmitter type and the exact location on a map.

Maintenance-free link management. Place QR codes and simply forget about them.

Thanks to gradwerk's own link shortener, the so-called service, you can create unique, permanently valid short links for your NFC tags and QR codes. This means that the small Bluetooth transmitters can be placed virtually maintenance-free at any location and the content sent can be changed flexibly via CMS 6 without having to reconfigure the beacons or NFC tags.

Customise the display of your content to the exact day and minute.

With the help of a rule module, you can control the web links published by the mobile tags according to your wishes. By specifying the day of the week and the time, you can determine the exact time at which your customers should be directed to certain information by sending beacons. You can also select a start and end date in order to publicise special promotions and offers to the exact day and minute.

Pack & Go - Pack your website with a single click

With the Pack & Go function, you can pack your entire website, including pages, images, scripts and databases, ready for transport with a single click. Within one day, CMS 6 prepares an export of your website for download that is as complete as possible. Use Pack & Go for your personal and flexible backups or for transferring to another system.


Customer communication via chat. Easier than ever before!

Would you like to improve customer satisfaction and also look after your website visitors online in a special way? CMS 6 Chat enables you to communicate with your visitors directly on your website. Thanks to the integrated user profiles, you can enter data such as visitors' names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses manually, add keywords and merge them with data already available in CMS 6. Absolutely clear and effective!

No time to contact every visitor?

The CMS 6 takes over the task of initiating conversations for you. With the help of so-called greeting rules, you can address visitors with predefined greetings when certain circumstances arise, such as a defined length of visit or the number of pages visited, and thus initiate a dialogue.

Fancy a guided tour?

Why not take a tour with your customers? During the conversation, you can take your visitors on a journey through the Internet. You can direct your chat partners to pages on your own website as well as to the pages of other providers, of course without interrupting the ongoing chat.

Analyse your online advice.

The integrated statistics tell you everything that is important, such as the time of day when your site visitors use the chat the most, how many e-mail enquiries you receive at times when the chat is switched off, how quickly your editors answer enquiries and how many chats there are per consultant.

You won't miss a single chat.

While you are doing your editorial work in CMS 6, every chat request is displayed visually and acoustically directly in the CMS and you can switch directly to your dialogue partner with a single click. You can also switch on browser notifications. This means that you also receive a notification on your desktop that a visitor has asked you a question. If you wish, you can set whether your chat availability should be automatically activated when you log into the CMS and deactivated again when you log out. This allows you to concentrate on all the important things - the CMS takes care of the rest.


Project management exactly where you need it.

You can use the Tasks module in CMS 6 to plan your projects, define tasks and the subtasks they contain. You can define deadlines for completion and invite your colleagues to these tasks.

Flexible planning and definition.

Drag-and-drop allows you to move projects and drag tasks from one project to the next. This allows you to react quickly to changes in your tasks and adapt everything flexibly at any time.

Find the right reference.

In the tasks, you can refer to existing CMS 6 content, such as images, documents or pages, to which your respective task relates. This means that all editors are always aware of what needs to be done and which part of your website is affected by the tasks.

Communication is everything.

Within each task you can also communicate with each other, so you can exchange messages and communicate with each other in social media style. Changes and new messages are displayed immediately in the CMS 6 status bar, both visually and acoustically.

Data protection and GDPR

Cookie handling. The visitor alone decides.

CMS 6 relies on the GDPR and ePrivacy-compliant use of website cookies with the help of an integrated cookie manager. This can also be used to prevent the execution of third-party cookies. The first time a user accesses a page does not lead to any tracking; CMS 6 is therefore a genuine opt-in process.

Overview and description of the cookies used.

A dynamic cookie explanation page explains the type of cookie used and details of each cookie to the site visitor. Visitors can also subsequently revoke cookie settings that have already been made.

Your customers' data only with consent.

All transfers of personal data are provided with the option of a compliant declaration of consent for data storage and are collected in a central data protection manager with an export function to fulfil the prescribed obligation to provide evidence.

A search request helps with requests for information.

When visitors and customers ask which data is available or used in CMS 6, search requests can be carried out in the data protection manager to search the depths of the databases for names, keywords or e-mail addresses and locate them. The data can also be permanently deleted directly in CMS 6.

The mailing comes as long as you want it.

The CMS 6 mailing system works with the mandatory double opt-in function for newsletter registrations, the execution of which is also stored electronically and traceably. The optional re-opt-in, i.e. the option of regularly requesting an opt-in from users at a later date, is also part of CMS 6.

Alexa voice control

Let's talk about it. A CMS you can talk to.

With the CMS 6 Alexa Skill, you can connect the successful Amazon voice assistant to your CMS access and ask it questions about the performance of your website. Ask Alexa about your current SEO campaign or find out in real time which search engine position you are in with your current top keywords within the Google rankings. Experience working with a CMS in a completely new way - absolutely intuitive, comprehensive and voice-controlled!

User interface

Innovative user interface. You will love it!

The CMS 6 interface is intuitive to use. All functions are self-explanatory and yet impress with their performance. Functions such as drag-and-drop, which you are familiar with from your computer, are used to move pages and other elements. You can also upload several files at the same time, crop images and use keyboard shortcuts for fast input. Get to know content publishing like you've never experienced it before.

Search faster and find faster.

With the integrated quick search, which can be used anywhere in CMS 6, you can find all conceivable types of content - pages, images, database entries, scripts, user accounts, rules, Commander screens and much more - in just a few seconds. In the case of images, the labels set manually and, above all, automatically by the image recognition system come into their own. Endless clicking and searching is completely eliminated. This makes CMS 6 the system with probably the fastest way to access content.

CMS to go. The "everywhere" CMS.

The new CMS 6 backend interface not only impresses with its clarity, aesthetics and unprecedented user-friendliness. You can use the CMS 6 with its full range of functions on your tablet PC and even on your smartphone without having to install an app. Whether you are managing pages, sending mailings or analysing - the CMS is available to you everywhere. If your internet connection fails while you are travelling, the CMS 6 prevents you from losing any data you have already entered by hiding all the save functions.

CMS 6 goes bigscreen.

If you use the CMS 6 not only on smaller screens, but perhaps also on particularly large monitors in your office, you will of course also benefit from the larger virtual space available. Input masks appear larger, tables automatically display more columns and thus more content, the structure tree remains clear even with longer file names, image overviews (grids) provide you with larger previews. Big is simply beautiful!

Multilingual backend. Without language barriers.

The CMS 6 backend is available to its editors in Indonesian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Italian, Slovakian, Chinese, Japanese, Slovenian, Danish, Latvian, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Czech, English, Dutch, Turkish, Estonian, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian and Russian and can be provided in other languages on request.

Security meets convenience: passwordless login and 2-factor authentication

CMS 6 now supports passwordless login, which allows you to log in using touch or face ID, Windows Hello or hardware security keys. Simple setup and storage of your login method guarantee a particularly convenient and secure login to CMS 6.

Simple and convenient login

After setting up 2-factor authentication for the first time, you can conveniently log in using your fingerprint, facial recognition or hardware key. Your chosen method is authorised and saved with your password.

Passwordless login in the CMS 6 backend

With the new login screen and a guided process for passwordless login, you can set up and manage your login methods in the CMS 6 backend. In addition, a reset function is available to end your passwordless login on all devices.

Improved password management features

The CMS 6 also offers an improved "forgotten password" function, where you will receive a link via email to set a new password. These features simplify the login experience while ensuring a high level of security.

Two-factor authentication. No power to password theft.

The optional two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for your CMS 6 login to ensure that only you can access your account, even if someone else knows your password. With two-factor authentication, your account can only be accessed on trusted devices, e.g. via your smartphone, tablet PC, notebook or desktop PC. When you want to log in to a new device for the first time, you must provide two pieces of personal information - your password and the six-digit verification code, which is automatically sent to your trusted devices by text message or email.

By entering the code, you confirm that the new device is trustworthy. For example, if you have an iPhone and want to log in to a newly purchased Mac for the first time, you will need to enter your password and the verification code that is automatically displayed on your smartphone via SMS or email.

Technical architecture

Server performance. Without compromise.

CMS 6 is hosted on the high-performance nginx servers of our technology partner in Germany. Your data and, in particular, your statistical information are not stored on servers and services abroad, but are stored in Germany in a data protection-friendly manner.

Enterprise hosting. Not just for large companies.

The CMS 6 platform and the websites and portals realised with it are hosted on first-class enterprise servers. These managed servers are always up-to-date, can be expanded within seconds and are continuously monitored so that you can always be sure that your website responds quickly and is permanently accessible. Thanks to Germany-wide (or worldwide on request) load distribution of static content via Content Delivery Network (CDN), we can also host and manage highly frequented content.

Managed server. We take care of everything.

We ensure that the CMS 6 and your optionally hosted website benefit from maximum performance. Our web servers always run with the latest security versions. Enjoy maximum security - and with gradwerk you are always up to date technically too.

SSL-encrypted. So that nobody can read along.

To ensure the security of your data, all CMS 6 connections are encrypted - for your security. Of course, we also offer a wide range of high-quality SSL certificates for your websites and integrate them into your services for you.

CMS 6 updates. So that you can work with peace of mind.

As part of Application Service Providing and depending on the scope of the contract, we automatically install all updates in your CMS 6 installation without you having to do anything. This means you always use the latest and best version of CMS 6, and further functions and new modules are in the pipeline. Let us surprise you!

Accessible from all sides thanks to API.

Thanks to an integrated API interface, data can also be read from external applications or providers and also written to the CMS 6. This means you always have maximum flexibility with CMS 6.

Almost 20 years of experience. We know what we're doing.

We have been developing and designing user-friendly, high-performance websites and software systems for over a decade and a half, leaving a lasting impression. We can look back on a remarkable history. CMS 6 stands out for its robustness, both for medium-sized websites and international portals. Our systems are tested in the real world, not in laboratories. As a result, all of our customers use CMS from our company.

Support and service

Training. Learning by doing.

All our customers are trained in the successful use of CMS 6. We also offer optional additional measures for new employees or advanced training courses. On request, we organise training courses in German and English, and of course worldwide.

Support. We are there for you.

During and after the realisation of your project with CMS 6, our employees are available during normal business hours via e-mail and telephone to provide you with help and advice. You can optionally arrange extended support services with us.

The scope of the functions depends on the licence purchased and the functionalities of the respective website implementation. Changes, errors and deletions are reserved.

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