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AI analytics revolutionise content management

Artificial intelligence now always on board

Ready for the next big step in digital content management? With CMS 6, you enter a new era of artificial intelligence that makes your everyday work efficient and intuitive. CMS 6 is like an intelligent assistant that helps you take your content to the next level. The AI analyses help you to optimise your content comprehensively with the help of artificial intelligence and to evaluate data like you have never seen before.

Content analysis thanks to AI - optimise your website texts.

When creating a text, CMS 6 performs a comprehensive analysis on request and provides you with targeted suggestions for improvement. It not only explains what needs to be changed, but also why these changes offer added value. The most important thing here: the content suggestions are always made in relation to the determined SEO vital values, i.e. the evaluation of your headline structure and semantics as well as the set keywords. With CMS 6, you get a unique digital tutor that guides you through the process of text optimisation.

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Statistical analyses - Understand your data even better.

CMS 6 transforms your data into valuable insights. It's like having a data scientist at your fingertips, analysing your website data, spotting trends and providing you with insightful information. Use these insights to optimise your website and create a better user experience.

Survey analytics reinvented - Deep insights into your audience.

Using AI analytics, you can understand your online surveys and the resulting data at a deeper level. CMS 6 evaluates your survey results, recognises the general tenor, even from the freely formulated answers of your users, and provides valuable insights as well as clear instructions for action that can be derived from your survey result. It's as if you had a professional market researcher helping you understand the needs and desires of your target group.

Mailing analysis using AI - Improve your communication.

CMS 6 also analyses and optimises the content of your newsletters. Thanks to state-of-the-art AI technology, the AI analysis function delivers content and grammatical improvements and even predicts the success of your next mailing based on past mailings and evaluations. The AI analyses are like a communications professional here, helping you to refine your messages and reach your target group effectively.

Log analysis - optimise your teamwork.

The behaviour of CMS users can also be evaluated via AI analysis. The AI identifies patterns and helps you understand and improve your teamwork. The analysis recognises behaviours and responsibilities of your online editorial team and gives you a bird's eye view of the entire team. The AI analysis is like a management coach that helps you work together more effectively and get the best out of your team.

AI analyses in CMS 6 - your path to the future.

With CMS 6, you can generate, delete, recreate or even listen to all these analyses in spoken form at the touch of a button. The spoken output is based on the best AI technologies on the market. Furthermore, you can export your analyses as attractive PDF reports and call them up in all available CMS 6 system languages. In addition, all analyses can be conveniently transferred directly into the CMS 6 Composer and thus refined and further processed with the help of AI templates. CMS 6 is your personal companion into a new era of digital content creation and management. Welcome to the future of AI-supported content creation with CMS 6.

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