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One click to the online meeting, without installation or download.

A secure, flexible video and audio conferencing system seamlessly integrated into CMS 6.

Conduct easy-to-set-up video and audio conferences directly in CMS 6 Meetings. You can talk to external interlocutors just as easily as to members of your own online editorial team. It's easy, thanks to CMS 6 Meetings.

CMS 6 Meetings is based on gradwerk's own video service using WebRTC technology and is therefore also hosted on gradwerk's own servers. A particularly practical feature of CMS 6 is that you can make direct calls with several users, and if you do not want to be disturbed, you always have the option of setting your own personal status for trouble-free times.

Invite everyone to CMS 6 meetings

An invitation management system for online meetings facilitates the planning and invitation of participants. The access link is sent to the participants by e-mail with an iCal file. Of course, different time zones and national languages of the recipients are also taken into account. CMS 6 automatically reminds you of the upcoming meeting while you are working with the system - very practical.

With the integrated screen sharing, you can conveniently transmit your presentation or, for example, your topic or work in CMS 6 to all participants.

For administrators, the access rights for using CMS 6 Meetings can be conveniently controlled via user administration. CMS 6 Meetings can be used directly in the web browser, so no additional downloads are required from the participants to take part in the conversation.

The most important functions at a glance

With the new CMS 6 Meetings module, you can get in touch with all your teams, colleagues or customers. Hold video conferences directly from CMS 6. CMS 6 thus becomes your all-encompassing communication platform.

  • CMS 6 Meetings is a gradwerk development and is based on the latest and most modern WebRTC technology.
  • Meetings presents itself with a slim and easy to use user interface.
  • Hosting takes place on gradwerk's own servers (DSGVO-compliant).
  • In CMS 6, so-called direct calls can also be made with CMS users and external contact persons can be invited via link forwarding.
  • You always have an overview of the CMS 6 participants and their availability.
  • If you do not want to be disturbed, you can set your status to "Do not disturb" for certain times. This works via a date and time or via the settings of fixed time periods.
  • With the help of the invitation management for online meetings, you can plan your online meetings and invite all participants by e-mail. An iCal file attached to the email makes it easy to add the meeting to your own calendar.
  • Particularly practical, different time zones and national languages are also taken into account for meeting invitations.
  • Invitations can be sent to CMS 6 internal users and external participants. Alternatively, the invitation can also be sent using the user's own mail programme.
  • A reminder function within CMS 6 ensures that you do not miss upcoming meetings.
  • With the help of the integrated screen sharing, you can share your screen and thus your presentations or even software applications.
  • The display of animated emojis allows you to reflect your own mood.
  • An integrated chat including emoji picker helps with text communication accompanying the conversation and also enables file exchange with participants.
  • For more privacy, a so-called virtual background can be faded in by means of AI technology, so that the real room situation can be hidden.
  • Access rights for using CMS 6 Meetings can be controlled via the user administration.
  • CMS 6 Meetings delivers high quality audio and video, thanks to state-of-the-art WebRTC technology.
  • Convenient to use in any modern web browser in CMS 6: Your participants do not need to download any software to join the conversation. CMS 6 Meetings work directly in their browser, such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge Chromium.
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