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Organise your projects and tasks. All in a single system.

With CMS 6 Tasks, you can manage your projects and the tasks they contain in no time at all. Create project cards and assign individual tasks to you and your employees. You can define a completion date for each task, create detailed checklists and descriptions, upload file attachments and create relations to CMS content. The advantage is that the task module is directly integrated into CMS 6 - so you automatically have access to all your colleagues and, above all, to all data within the CMS. If your online editorial team is perhaps planning a new online campaign, different departments must complete different tasks for this: the texting, photo shooting, graphics and SEO teams must make preparations. You can plan, map and monitor the entire project - until it is successfully implemented.

In daily use, you simply move tasks between project cards, add users, communicate within the tasks with your colleagues and experience a completely new kind of team-based project organisation and communication. If users make changes or additions, you as a project participant are notified acoustically and visually within CMS 6 and can immediately see which tasks or projects have currently changed.

The CMS 6 task module does not overwhelm you with unnecessary functions that you do not need, but you can always see all the information of your project at a glance - streamlined and extremely clear.

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