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Webseite Wirtschaftsförderung Schleswig-Holstein mit Menü
Customer: WTSH - Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologie Transfer Schleswig-Holstein
Industry: Services, Public

New WTSH website: focus on funding programmes, careers & partners from Schleswig-Holstein

gradwerk develops new website for WTSH with over 6,000 pages, career section, partner programme & organised databases in CMS 6.

Extensive web portal

The WTSH website consists of over 6,000 pages and offers a wealth of information on funding programmes, career opportunities and partners from Schleswig-Holstein.

Database supported software

Over 50 individualised databases organise the website's diverse searchable data, as a seamlessly implemented software application in gradwerk CMS 6. This enables WTSH to update and expand content quickly and easily.

gradwerk, a leading digital agency, developed and designed a new website for WTSH Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH. In the run-up, gradwerk conducted several marketing workshops to work out the personas, the customer journey and the web structure for the website. These workshops were of great importance to ensure that the new website meets the needs and requirements of the WTSH and its target group.

The new website presents the available funding programmes of the WTSH and offers an extensive career section. Here, interested parties can find information on current vacancies as well as career opportunities at WTSH and its partners. The clear structure and simple navigation make it easy for users to find the information they are looking for.

Sabine Konejung
Sabine Konejung
Location marketing and public relations
We are very satisfied with the CMS 6. New pages and content are created very quickly, as, for example, images can be uploaded in their original size and content that has been created once can be inserted in different places with a click of the mouse.

Editors can edit most elements and content themselves. And if help is needed, gradwerk always provides quick and uncomplicated support.

Another highlight of the website is the partner programme, in which companies from Schleswig-Holstein are presented. Here, companies have the opportunity to present their services and products and thus present themselves to a broader public.

In addition, the website covers the topics of digitalisation, hydrogen economy, electromobility, AI Transfer Hub and the topic StartUp meets SME. These topics are of great importance for the economy in Schleswig-Holstein and the WTSH has set itself the goal of supporting and promoting companies and start-ups in these areas. It is particularly noteworthy that the searchable content is organised in a comprehensive database of gradwerk CMS 6 and that the content is maintained by WTSH editors via gradwerk CMS 6. This enables WTSH to update and expand the website content quickly and easily.

Screenshot einer Webseite zur Wirtschaftsförderung Schleswig-Holstein

WTSH is excited about the new website and sees the cooperation with gradwerk as a great opportunity to present and disseminate its funding programmes and its work in Schleswig-Holstein even better. The new website enables WTSH to reach its target group even better and offer them a simple and user-friendly platform where they can find the information they need quickly and easily.

In developing the website, gradwerk placed particular emphasis on ensuring that the content is presented in a way that is easy for users to understand and clearly laid out. Overall, the new WTSH website is a big step forward in terms of presenting and disseminating its work and funding programmes in Schleswig-Holstein. By working with gradwerk, WTSH can be sure that the website is always state of the art and meets the requirements of the users.

WTSH - Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologie Transfer Schleswig-Holstein

The WTSH is the central institution for business development in Schleswig-Holstein. It stands by companies that operate, expand or start up their businesses at the location. The WTSH supports companies in turning their ideas into innovations and exploiting their potential.

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