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The CMS 6 Composer here!

Texting rethought with the AI text generator.

CMS 6: gradwerk presents new module "Composer" with AI text generator

The digital agency gradwerk presents its new module "Composer" in CMS 6. The Composer is an advanced text editor that has been seamlessly integrated into the CMS and can automatically generate content with the help of an AI text generator. It offers over 170 templates in many categories and supports text generation in over 50 languages and dialects.

The Composer is the ideal writing tool in CMS 6 and can create and save various documents. Editors can write their own texts or supplement and completely create texts with the help of the AI generator. The documents can be shared with other editors and downloaded as Word files.

The integration of Composer and AI text generator offers a perfect start to successful content marketing and SEO, because the AI text generator can take into account defined keywords of pages and thus unfolds its full SEO power. The composer has been seamlessly integrated into CMS 6, which means that compositions can be used at all relevant positions of the page structure.

The Composer integrates itself into all input fields of web pages and thus makes it possible to work with AI in a way that was previously unthinkable. Manual copying and pasting of texts is no longer necessary, texts can be generated where they should appear.

"gradwerk thus creates a seamless integration that you cannot currently find in any other CMS. The integration is deeply interlocked with the content fields and elements and thus makes it possible to work with AI in a way that was previously unthinkable. The Composer thus takes over the function of your copywriter, your SEO agency and, thanks to the integrated translation function based on the Deepl AI, also your translation agency," emphasises Sven Laucke, Managing Director at gradwerk.

For more information or a demo of CMS 6 Composer, please email or get more information on these pages. You can download the press release here.

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