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Tablet zeigt Webseite der Bücherpiraten mit Kindern im Hintergrund

Ahoy! The book pirates are hijacking the internet with a new ship.

Customer: Bücherpiraten e. V.
Industry: Culture
Service: Design, Website

Ahoy! The book pirates are hijacking the internet with a new ship.

The children's literature house of the Bücherpiraten e. V., based in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, now presents itself with a new website in the so-called Responsive Web Design and is thus finally also suitable for mobile users.

There are things in life that one should do out of deepest conviction, and when it comes to the subject of art, culture and also education, then it is sometimes one of those things that sustainably convinces you and doesn't let go. Art and culture has always been a "matter of the heart" for gradwerk, and so the webworkers supported the book pirates with a completely new online concept without hesitation.

The new website is divided into four important topics. The core is an overview of all offers that can be taken up by different age groups. Not only children, but also adults with an interest in books and literature or further education in this field are called upon to participate. But of course, part of the offer is also aimed at teachers and pupils, who can come to the House of the Book Pirates with their school classes.

With the help of easy-to-use filter and search functions, visitors to the website can now research the offers and also search for dates, months, topics and age groups and register for events online. Each event or series of events can be transferred to the visitor's own digital calendar.

The entire website is managed with the help of CMS 6 and opens up countless possibilities for the Bücherpiraten team around the two founders Lenara Sanders and Martin Gries to maintain and market the entire offering. Another important tool is the mailing system integrated into the CMS, which can be used to send out fresh and, above all, important information by e-mail on a regular basis.

The offer of the book pirates is something very special, so unique and located in a beautiful house in the middle of Lübeck's old town. Stories are read, invented, illustrated, crafts are made, thoughts are pondered, even famous authors come and go there all the time. An unbelievably creative house for children, teachers and adults, who all have in common that they love stories so much, but above all books.

The House of the Book Pirates is a magical place - everyone should get to know it and come in and out! Yet this wonderful offer is dependent on donations from the people of Lübeck. We at gradwerk are very happy that we can continue to support the association in the future.

Webseite Buchpiraten mit Festivalankündigung und Fotocollage

Bücherpiraten e. V.

Bücherpiraten e. V. started in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck in 2002 in a tent and has been at home in a historic house in the middle of Lübeck's old town since the summer of 2011. A patron of the book pirates bought the house and had it converted. She makes it available to the book pirates for a symbolic rent of one euro per month. The book pirates have always inspired children and young people to read stories.

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