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Tablets präsentieren Gemälde auf Kunst-App

Important works of art presented in an online collection.

Industry: Culture
Service: Software, Website

Important works of art accessible in new online collection.

The LÜBECKER MUSEUMS take their first step towards the Smart Museum and present the comprehensive art collection of the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck.

The web agency gradwerk from Lübeck has developed, designed and implemented a concept for the digital presentation of the collection of the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus.

On the new collection page, interested online users can freely research artists and their works. The so-called exhibits are easily maintained and managed within a specially developed database software called Museum Pro. Some of the exhibits have audio texts to listen to and, of course, interesting things to read. The biographies and works are placed in context with other works of art via the backend software developed by gradwerk and explained in the process. These comparisons convey a lot of interesting information and provide decisive added value.

With the help of a detailed keyword system, a lot of additional information is assigned to the pictures. Users can filter through the entire database with a single click, stimulated by keywords, and thus remain practically in an ongoing research process. There are no dead ends where users practically come to the end of the offer.

Thanks to the implementation with gradwerk's CMS 6, it is not only ensured that the staff of the LÜBECKER MUSEUMS can manage and expand all works and artist biographies. The scalability of the application is also a big plus. This means that the concept can be extended to other museums within the LÜBECKER MUSEUMS in the future or also used for completely new museums, including multilingual ones.


The Hanseatic City of Lübeck is an independent city located in the north of Germany and in the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea. It has the most inhabitants after the state capital Kiel and is one of the three major centres of the federal state. In terms of area, it is the largest city in Schleswig-Holstein. The old town, which has been preserved from the Middle Ages, is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

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