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Successful implementation of the AWO Schleswig-Holstein website and extranet

Customer: Arbeiterwohlfahrt Landesverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

Design, concept, programming and implementation of CMS 6.

With over 200 local associations and around 13,000 volunteers, the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO) is one of the largest welfare organisations in Germany. In order to improve visibility and the flow of information to the outside world, AWO Schleswig-Holstein has redesigned its state website with the help of digital agency gradwerk. The result is a modern and user-friendly website that appeals to both older and younger people.

Design and realisation using CMS 6

The core of the project was the development of a contemporary design that reflects the values and philosophy of the AWO. This was realised using the CMS 6 content management system, which enables flexibility and rapid adaptation to customer requirements. The skilful use of backend structures and the integration of tried and tested extensions resulted in a visually appealing website with many new areas and functions.

Realisation of various databases

Another important element of the project was the implementation of various databases for the clear presentation of contact persons, appointments, facilities and much more. This data was integrated into the website in a user-friendly way, giving users a comprehensive overview of the AWO's services.

New websites for 200 district and local associations

The AWO's up to 200 district and local associations also have new professional websites. This is where CMS 6 really comes into its own with its multi-webs and extensively configurable user administration. Volunteers can thus manage their websites independently and comprehensively.

AWO Extranet, including newsletter integration CMS 6 Mailing Module

An additional special feature is the introduction of an AWO extranet and a newsletter module within CMS 6. The extranet makes it easier for AWO Schleswig-Holstein employees to access relevant information and promotes internal dialogue. The CMS 6 mailing module allows newsletters to be created automatically and sent to subscribers.

In conclusion, it can be said that the project represents a significant milestone in the digital development of AWO Schleswig-Holstein. With the introduction of a contemporary and user-centred website and an extranet, the platform has set new standards in terms of intuitive navigation and clear presentation of essential information. The extranet in particular has revolutionised the exchange of information for AWO employees by enabling quick and efficient access to relevant content. In addition, the simple newsletter creation in CMS 6 contributes significantly to the optimisation of AWO Schleswig-Holstein's communication strategies.

Lächelnde Menschen Gruppe Natur AWO Begrüßung

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Landesverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

The AWO was founded by Marie Juchacz on 13 December 1919. The reason for its founding was the hardship prevailing among the population during the First World War and in the period afterwards. Born out of the workers' movement, the AWO advocated from the very beginning that people should be able to help themselves through joint work, organisation and training. The core themes of the AWO are still the concerns with which Marie Juchacz shaped the AWO's self-image and aspirations: Women's rights, diversity, "Against handouts - For participation", decent living, justice and solidarity, with which we passionately pursue our work close to the people.

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