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Tablet mit HolidayCheck Website vor Strandkulisse mit spielenden Menschen

New landing page and new technology for HolidayCheck's "Book Your Thing" brand campaign

Customer: HolidayCheck AG
Industry: Tourism
Service: Branding, Website

Landing page campaign "Book Your Thing

gradwerk develops a special landing page for "Buch Dein Ding" and ensures a smooth campaign launch thanks to powerful technology.

The peak travel season begins and HolidayCheck has developed a new brand campaign in cooperation with its Hamburg lead agency.

The communication concept focuses on advice from 160 trained HolidayCheck experts within the online travel agency and a new, intelligent search function on the website according to individual holiday preferences.

This combination enables HolidayCheck to provide its customers with suitable offers for the holiday season. The focus of the communication is on ten- to 30-second TV spots that show individual recreational holiday moments in a humorous way. In the course of the brand campaign, HolidayCheck also relies on Germany-wide billboard advertising, social media activities and cooperation with micro influencers. In addition, HolidayCheck is widely spreading the topic with the help of content cooperations with wide-reaching online news portals.

As part of the campaign launch, gradwerk developed and implemented the corresponding landing page, which HolidayCheck employees can easily add new content to and continuously edit using gradwerk CMS 6. The developed "Book Your Thing" landing page has not only been developed in Responsive Design, but has also been technologically implemented in such a way that it is automatically and optimally displayed in the native HolidayCheck app for smartphones and tablet PCs.

In order for the technology to withstand the expected onslaught of visitors, the digital agency gradwerk developed an appropriate technology concept within a very short time and provided it to the client in time for the launch of the "Book Your Thing" campaign. The content is stored in gradwerk's own cloud, the exclusive HolidayCheck host is scalable at any time and can be prepared for any conceivable campaign. Static data is delivered via a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This way, the traffic of thousands of accesses could be perfectly distributed and, thanks to SSL offloading, the server could be greatly relieved by SSL termination on the nodes.

Thanks to very good preparation, the new "Buch Dein Ding" campaign is not only a success in terms of content and concept, but is also optimally prepared for the client's requirements in terms of technology.

Mann auf aufblasbarem Tier im Pool macht Spaß

HolidayCheck AG

HolidayCheck AG, based in Bottighofen, Switzerland, operates travel booking and hotel rating portals on the Internet. Its main business model is the commission-based brokerage of package holidays, hotels and rental cars and the referral of internet users to other booking portals.

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