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Webseite auf Tablet mit Paar auf Bank und Naturhintergrund

Tourism website for the Stormarn region with a new look online

Customer: Stormarn Tourismus
Industry: Tourism
Service: Website, Design

New website for the beautiful Stormarner Land.

The digital agency gradwerk has developed an online concept as well as a fresh and functional responsive web design for the new Stormarn tourism offer. "Just get out and about in the beautiful Stormarn region" is the motto, because there is a lot to discover and, above all, to experience here. Stormarn is located exactly between Hamburg and Lübeck and thus centrally in the Hanseatic metropolitan region.

The aim of the new website was to make the constantly growing regional offer easy to grasp for users, both functionally and in terms of content, with just a few clicks. Most tourism offers on the internet are functionally overloaded, unclear and difficult to use. The Tourismus Stormarn website takes a new approach here - functional yet ingeniously easy to use.

The offer is divided into different topics such as "nature", "culture", "local", "sleeping" and "service". This means that the offer can be explored in the familiar way by navigation click by click, but alternatively all information can be researched via a central map based on MapBox, which is displayed in a content-oriented manner in the overviews. On the map itself, depending on the setting of the filter options, all important places can be displayed and followed by click.

Rabea Stahl
Rabea Stahl
Tourism Manager (on parental leave)
"For the relaunch of our website, we were looking for a digital agency that would work with us to design and develop a new tourism website that would present the diverse offerings in Stormarn in an appealing and functional way. At the same time, we were looking for an easy-to-maintain software solution for editing all content. With gradwerk we found the perfect agency that understood right away what we wanted and implemented our wishes purposefully and to our full satisfaction."

If the user likes a museum, a park or a farm café, for example, he can mark this destination with a star and add it to his list of favourites. This list remains permanently stored on the device and can also be printed out. For particularly active visitors, there are also entire routes for hiking, paddling or cycling. A special feature is the BahnRadWege, i.e. cycling on former railway lines. Each route contains additional information about the sights along the way and other tips worth knowing. If you want to be even more precise, you can equip your own navigation device with downloadable KML files and load them from the website.

The marketing of the website and, above all, the maintenance and administration are carried out with the help of CMS 6. For the creation of places and routes, individual applications were programmed especially for the client and seamlessly integrated into CMS 6: for example, a places-and-routes management system in which, for example, a route for the website is automatically created with a simple upload of the KML files - no further intervention by the editors is necessary. Places can be created and published on the website in just a few seconds.

In the future, the website will be constantly expanded and supplemented with new services such as a newsletter. Of course, the website can also be used on mobile devices, thanks to Responsive Web Design. By the way, the website is also suitable for particularly large displays such as televisions - BigScreen Design makes it possible.

Flusslandschaft in Stormarn bei sonnigem Wetter

Stormarn Tourismus

The district of Stormarn is centrally located and borders the district of Segeberg to the north, the district of Ostholstein and the independent city of Lübeck to the northeast, the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg to the east and south, and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg to the west. Stormarn is one of the six northern peripheral districts in Schleswig-Holstein, which together with the eight southern peripheral districts in Lower Saxony, the two eastern peripheral districts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg form the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

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