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Surfing in Schleswig-Holstein - love the sea.

Customer: EGOH Wirtschaftsförderung Ostholstein
Industry: Tourism
Service: Website

Water sports in the country are getting a new place to go online - love the sea.

gradwerk is developing a far-reaching and information-rich portal for water sports in Schleswig-Holstein. With the help of Open Data, open dissemination of the data on other portals is also ensured.

Schleswig-Holstein not only has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture, no question about that. But also in the area of sports, especially when it comes to water sports, thanks to the proximity to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, there is a wide range of offers, such as windsurfing, kiting, SUP and surfing. This is exactly where the Surfing-SH portal, implemented by the webworkers gradwerk on behalf of the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ostholstein mbH, or EGOH for short, comes in. The project is also funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The core of the website is a hotspot database that shows visitors interested in sports which water sports are offered and trained where in the state. The so-called spots are, so to speak, the points where one can optimally pursue one's sport. Prohibition zones and nature reserves are also listed so that the protection of flora and fauna is respected and not violated by the practice of the sports - in this way, the sport remains in harmony with nature. But information on the current optimal wind direction is also given to those interested in surfing. In this way, sportsmen and tourists can find the optimal spot depending on the wind and weather conditions.

In addition, surf shops and schools in the vicinity of the respective spots are displayed so that contact can be established quickly and easily. An event database also shows all future sporting events in the region. Thus, the website "love the sea" forms a unique tourism offer for water sports in Schleswig-Holstein.

The design and structure of the portal was implemented by the digital agency gradwerk with the help of the successful CMS 6 platform. The EGOH staff can thus conveniently manage all contents such as articles and, of course, the contents and entries of the database along with map points and areas.

Thanks to an open data concept, parts of the website data can be downloaded and redistributed for any purpose. This includes a selection of professional water sports photos and also the contents of the map with, for example, the coordinates to hotspots, addresses and nature reserves.

Wassersportaktivitäten Familie Windsurfen Kiten Stand-Up-Paddling

EGOH Wirtschaftsförderung Ostholstein

Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ostholstein mbH (majority shareholder is the Ostholstein district) promotes business, tourism, innovation and technology in Ostholstein. EGOH develops and markets industrial estates and operates two business centres in which young companies and start-ups are helped to start their own businesses by renting out production and office space as well as other services.

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