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Person liest auf Stufen sitzend und betrachtet Tablet Webseite

Youth literature blog die Blaue Seite presents itself with over 1,200 articles about books

Customer: Bücherpiraten e. V.
Industry: Culture

Online literature magazine

Digital agency gradwerk designs and develops new responsive website for Blaue Seite, an online literature magazine by young people and for young people.

A project that is already great in terms of the idea, because a young team aged between 12 and 19 reads books, writes reviews and interviews authors in order to make all this available to the public online in a portal.

The newly conceived and designed Blue Page currently features well over 1200 pages of reviews, interviews, creator stories, favourite quotes, conversations with authors in SoundCloud format and much more - written by young people and published on the website. More editors in four cities in Germany are to follow soon, strengthening the Lübeck-based team.

A special feature here is not only that all articles and content are linked several times with further information, such as book reviews, which also lead to author biographies and other books, but also that all editors show themselves on the pages with a picture, writing and their own personalised banner. This way, website visitors can specifically search for and read further articles, pictures and interviews of the editors. For more interaction with the reviews, visitors can comment directly on the articles. Books can also be given stars, so that everyone can express whether and how much they like a book.

With the brand new CMS 6 from the webworkers at gradwerk, the old WordPress website was replaced, opening up unprecedented possibilities for the editors in handling and managing the portal. The youth editors were able to take over and maintain all content completely independently in a very short time via CMS 6; this includes 500 book titles, 512 reviews, 430 author profiles, 270 content pages and almost 2000 images. New database content can now be entered within seconds and existing entries can be changed or deleted.

So the magical world of books and reading, the Blue Page, has not only received a new design, but also a whole lot of new technology that makes so many things better, faster and more user-friendly. The whole thing now works on smartphones and tablets and looks just great on any screen size. And the most beautiful realisation is that the online and offline worlds go hand in hand here and do not mean a contradiction.

Illustration von historischen Figuren in Western-Kleidung

Bücherpiraten e. V.

Bücherpiraten e. V. started in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck in 2002 in a tent and has been at home in a historic house in the middle of Lübeck's old town since the summer of 2011. A patron of the book pirates bought the house and had it converted. She makes it available to the book pirates for a symbolic rent of one euro per month. The book pirates have always inspired children and young people to read stories.

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