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The well-known Koppelsberg Games Index is available as a progressive web app.

Customer: Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Norddeutschland
Industry: Public
Service: Web app

Platform-independent and flexible

gradwerk is developing the Koppelsberg Games Index in the form of a web app that can be used offline, thus breaking the dependence on the App Store and Play Store and making the app more flexible to use.

The web agency gradwerk designs and develops a completely revised and expanded app, technologically in this case a web app, of the well-known Koppelsberger Spielekartei. The collection consists of more than 200 exercises, methods and games for working with groups and offers both classics and novelties for promoting and strengthening the community.

A user concept was developed that can be used on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and notebooks. Thanks to its conception as a progressive web app, or PWA for short, the app can be displayed in a conventional browser and saved as an offline-capable application by adding it to the desktop or homescreen of a smartphone. In this way, users enjoy all the advantages of a native app.

Thanks to TeleCash integration, the one-off licence fee can be paid using various payment methods such as credit card, direct debit and instant payment. Parents can also purchase licences collectively for their children and group leaders for the whole group and thus also pass the licence keys on to children for registration.

The individual shop model was designed and programmed by gradwerk. Thus, price models and scales, orders and licence key management can be administered directly via CMS 6.

Via a specially developed game database, general information can also be entered and published within the app, and new games, which can also be marked as favourites by users, can be changed and added. So that app users can quickly find their games, they can be provided with various criteria in the database, such as age and theme. A corresponding filter in the app helps with the targeted search.

Webseite mit Spielauswahl und Kategorien für Gruppenaktivitäten

Junge Nordkirche

The Young Northern Church sees itself as a centre for children, youth and young adults of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany. Organisationally, it belongs to the main area "Generations and Gender" of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany.

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