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Drei Smartphones mit Stadt-Tour-App, Quizfrage und Karte

The Buddenbrooks Audio Guide

Industry: Culture
Service: Software, Web app

On the trail of literary figures.

The web agency gradwerk has developed a progressive web app according to the latest state of development for the Buddenbrookhaus. With the help of this web app, young people and adults interested in Buddenbrook can relive the most important stations as part of a tour.

"In the Footsteps of the Buddenbrooks" is a very special audio guide because it takes users to the most important places in the novel "Buddenbrooks" within the Hanseatic city of Lübeck - and the literary characters accompany them in speech and writing! This free audio guide is very easy to use, so it is particularly suitable for children and young people as well as, of course, for adults interested in Buddenbrook. But the Buddenbrook audioguide is also suitable for extensive teaching support in a school context.

The use of the web app is conceived to be as simple as possible, so that it is easy to get started. The tour can be activated from the start screen; alternatively, all texts and audio output can also be played back in simple language. Participants select their starting point on a map of Lübeck. Everyone decides for themselves at which station they would like to start. Thomas, Tony and Christian Buddenbrook have their say at each of the stations; the participants can listen to what they have to say. At the end of each station, Christian sets the user a task - this can be a quiz or another riddle. The webworkers at gradwerk have developed various game models especially for this purpose. These include quiz questions, drag-and-drop matching tasks, cloze texts and other types of games.

If participants solve the puzzles correctly, they get a tick in the column with the crown in the tour card list. If a participant visits the location and switches on the geo-tracking of his smartphone for this purpose, he automatically receives a tick in the column with the geo-pin. If you answer all the questions correctly, you have the opportunity to take part in a big final quiz. With a positive result, you can pick up a small reward at the Buddenbrookhaus at the end.

gradwerk is responsible for the entire concept and design, including the logo design. The illustrations of the literary figures were created by the illustrator Johanna Zabojnik-Ihla. As part of the project "Literature as an Event", the content was developed over several months with the participating youth group and the staff of the Buddenbrookhaus, and the texts were set to music with actors from the Lübeck Theatre.

With the help of CMS 6, the entire content management of the web app is possible. Not only can the existing locations and play content be changed, but new ones can also be created and linked. In contrast to the development of a so-called native app, an independent web app concept was chosen here. A web app or Progressive Web App (PWA) takes a completely new approach: it allows the website to merge with the world of apps. A website is an app and vice versa - so users enjoy the following advantages, among others, when using a so-called PWA:

  • Web apps work with all modern operating systems and on all smartphones - you therefore reach more potential users with less costs.
  • Web apps do not have to be downloaded from app stores, which makes access easier, especially for children and young people.
  • Developing a web app is usually cheaper than developing a native app for a single operating system.
  • HTML5 also enables data to be stored offline and thus allows a web app to be used once it has been loaded, even without constant internet access.
  • Web apps can be found via Google and co. and used directly without installation. If the user saves the web app as a bookmark, it is available on the smartphone - just like a native app.
  • Web apps can be published and updated in seconds and do not have to go through an approval process.
  • Depending on the concept, web apps also present themselves in perfect form on desktop computers and can thus be used in a variety of flexible ways.
Buddenbrookhaus audio guide for young people


The Hanseatic City of Lübeck is an independent city located in the north of Germany and in the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea. It has the most inhabitants after the state capital Kiel and is one of the three major centres of the federal state. In terms of area, it is the largest city in Schleswig-Holstein. The old town, which has been preserved from the Middle Ages, is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

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