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Smartphone zeigt Ticketkauf Webseite, Broschüren mit QR-Code.
Customer: Theater Combinale
Industry: Culture

Successful e-commerce solution for the Combinale Theatre in Lübeck

The Combinale Theatre in Lübeck has successfully implemented digital ticket sales. With the support of gradwerk's webworkers, an innovative e-commerce solution for online ticket sales was implemented on the theatre's website. In addition, a newly developed POS application also enables the local sale of printed tickets. The use of QR code scans on the day of the event ensures smooth admission control. The Dutch payment service provider Mollie was integrated as an online payment interface.

Online ticket sales

The Theater Combinale in Lübeck has ushered in a new era in ticketing with the introduction of online ticket sales. The e-commerce solution enables tickets to be sold quickly and easily.

POS - Application

The new POS application via CMS 6 has additionally optimised ticket sales. Tickets can also be purchased during office hours and at the box office and printed directly by Combinale staff using the new POS application. Payment is made by existing methods - Telecash card terminal and cash register.

Concept, design and programming of an online ticketing sales process.

The Combinale Theatre from Lübeck has developed a modern e-commerce solution for online ticketing in cooperation with gradwerk, which revolutionises ticket sales on the website and on site. The new system enables the Combinale to sell digital tickets that can be scanned via a QR code at the entrance.

Concept, design and programming

The e-commerce solution was developed on the basis of CMS 6, which has already enabled the Combinale Theatre to maintain its website in a user-friendly and intuitive way for many years. Gradwerk managed the project from the concept phase to completion and developed a customised solution that meets the theatre's requirements. The result is a modern and innovative e-commerce solution that not only simplifies online ticketing, but also fully digitalises ticket sales and on-site admission control.

Online ticketing by QR code scan at the entrance

The digital tickets are simply sent by e-mail and can then be either printed out or brought to the performance digitally. The QR code is scanned at the entrance to the performance. A simple and quick process that saves time for every theatre-goer and guarantees a much simpler ticketing process.

For the Combinale Theatre, the new online ticketing system is a big step into the future. In the future, it will enable visitors to have an even better and more convenient theatre experience, from purchase to visit.

Smartphone und Computer mit Buchungssoftware und QR-Code

New POS application via CMS 6

In addition to the introduction of digital ticket sales on the website, a modern POS application was implemented using CMS 6, which also makes ticket sales easier on site. Visitors can buy all available tickets in the Combinale and take the printout directly with them. To do this, the ticket is printed out via the POS application. Payment is made via the existing methods, a Telecash card terminal and a cash register.

E-commerce solution for ticket sales on the website

The introduction of its own online ticketing sales process is a move into a new era for the Combinale Theatre. The e-commerce solution has streamlined and simplified ticket sales on the website. Via a payment interface, integration partner here is the Dutch service provider Mollie, anyone can place a ticket order via instant bank transfer, credit card, Paypal and ApplePay and look forward to the stage experience at the Theater Combinale.

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