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Bakery chain Only Here with new digital offer

Customer: Nur Hier GmbH
Industry: Trade
Service: Website

New Only Here website, now here!

The web agency gradwerk developed a responsive website for the bakery Nur Hier, which is mainly found in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

So that Only Here customers can also find out on the go which delicious snacks and baked goods can be found in the nearest branch, the webworkers at gradwerk have developed and implemented a website that also functions optimally on mobile devices.

On the new website, visitors can find out about around 200 products in five different categories. In addition to the product images and descriptions, the ingredients, nutritional information, allergens and additives are also visible. With the help of a product and allergen filter, for example, breads and snacks can be displayed according to individual and personal preferences, such as vegan or vegetarian products.

The new web offer is aimed at all customers who are on the go with their smartphone and are looking for tasty snacks or simply need a juicy and good bread for the evening. gradwerk ensures with a sophisticated functional concept that the new online offer also feels good on the smartphone.

In addition, visitors to the website can use a specially developed branch search, which can be maintained via database software, to find nearby only-here bakeries and, for example, also have a route displayed directly via Google. Information on customer cards and franchises rounds off the offer.

With CMS 6, Only-Here employees can maintain and manage almost all content completely independently. The databases for products and categories, which are seamlessly integrated into the CMS, as well as those used to manage the branches, are easy to use and manage. New database contents can be entered within seconds and existing entries can be changed or deleted.

Thanks to the new website, Nur Hier GmbH is now also reaching new groups of buyers in the mobile sector and is also available to customers on the road and at the point of sale with a lot of information.

Webseite Bäckerei mit Brotangebot und lächelndem Bäcker

Nur Hier GmbH

The bakery branches with the red and white logo have been part of Hamburg's cityscape since 1932 and have always stood for high-quality and traditional baking. Years ago, the bakery chain Nur Hier disappeared as it was taken over by the large bakery Kamps from Düsseldorf. In the meantime, Kamps has sold its Hamburg branches again, and thanks to the newly founded "Nur Hier GmbH", the Nur Hier brand is returning with over 110 branches.

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