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Hanse Innovation Campus presents itself with a new website

The team around the Hanse Innovation Campus, called HIC for short, has commissioned the webworkers from gradwerk with the conception, design and programming of their new website.

The HIC connects people on and with the campus. To this end, ways are created for cooperation between science and business and the scientists. The team of Managing Director Anna Lena Paape advises on both the founding and participation of companies as well as the organisation of events, the mediation of contacts and the conception of projects.

The starting point of the new web concept was the introduction of a new HIC logo, which is based on the basic idea of so-called HIC'sel, the smallest geometric parts of the logo that are always reforming and redefining themselves, changing but always remaining the same at the core.

In addition to the concept and design, gradwerk was also responsible for the technical implementation of the website. Thanks to the CMS 6 platform used, various individually developed software products are employed. Like a comprehensive date and event database, which takes care of the registration management, and a project database, with the help of which the colleagues of the HIC can present their supported projects in detail.

For the success of the online strategy, gradwerk organised various workshops with the colleagues of the Hanse Innovation Campus. Here, target groups and personas, as well as the customer journey and the website structure were developed and determined.

Forscher arbeiten an technischem Projekt im Labor

Hanse Innovation Campus

Hanse Innovation Campus GmbH is a company of the University of Lübeck and the Lübeck University of Technology. The so-called HIC connects people on and with the campus. The HIC develops strategies for cooperation between science and business, between scientists and companies; advises on start-ups and investments, plans events and establishes contacts; it keeps the processes on campus in focus and mediates project ideas.

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