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Webseite von foodRegio mit Geschäftsleuten auf Banner

Responsive web design for foodRegio, the industry network of the food industry

Customer: foodRegio e.V.
Industry: Services
Service: Design, Website

Website concept for food industry network.

Digital agency gradwerk conceives and designs new online and corporate design for the industry network founded by Wirtschaftsförderung LÜBECK GmbH as foodRegio e. V..

For a new and modern orientation, especially based on the integration of the KNE e. V. into the foodRegio e. V. and the accompanying expansion of the cluster, a new colour and form language was developed, which extends not only to the digital area, but also to all print products. This includes flyers, invitations, programme booklets, advertisements in trade magazines and, finally, all the equipment for the foodRegio Trend Day, which takes place once a year and brings together a large part of the food industry to discuss current topics and a series of lectures. In preparation for the tenth Trend Day in February 2016 on the topic of "digitalisation", the experts from the digital agency gradwerk also made all the preparations for the design, printing of the invitations and programme booklets and, in addition, the mailing.

Thanks to the new web design and the integration of the CMS 6 editorial system, the new website of foodRegio e. V. not only presents itself in excellent form and quality on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, but also optimally on large screens, such as TV sets or computer displays, with the help of an elaborated so-called big screen concept.

Further requirements of the project were the production of testimonial videos of well-known foodRegio member companies as well as some individual software developments, which are available to the customer as maintenance systems seamlessly integrated into the CMS 6, such as an event database, which not only makes the dates of the trend day, those of the marketing menu and also the marketing day maintainable on the site, but also offers site visitors a convenient registration option. The CMS 6 editorial system developed by the digital agency gradwerk is the outstanding marketing software that offers editors an almost infinite number of new possibilities.

Businessleute mit Snacks auf foodRegio Netzwerkseite

foodRegio e.V.

foodRegio is the widely known initiative of northern German companies and institutions in the food industry that has been promoting joint ideas, cooperation and innovation for many years, with the aim of strengthening the region and the companies. Thanks to the integration of KNE e. V. into foodRegio e. V., foodRegio is one of the largest food clusters in northern Germany. In 2014, foodRegio received the "Top 5 Innovative and Efficient Regions in Germany" award at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Berlin.

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