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Tablets mit Oster- und Fußball-Gewinnspiel Webseiten.

New competition concepts for HolidayCheck

Customer: HolidayCheck AG
Industry: Tourism

New adaptation of various marketing topics

A competition concept developed by the digital agency gradwerk shows its strengths in the flexible adaptation to the themes of Easter and the Football World Cup. The complete administration and evaluation can be carried out online by the editorial team.

HolidayCheck AG has once again commissioned the web agency gradwerk with the design and implementation of various campaigns. The already tried-and-tested "open a door" mechanism could thus be used extremely successfully for an Easter competition and an online campaign for the football World Cup.

While visitors are made aware of the competition through various parallel campaigns, the Easter competition focuses on taking the user to content pages within the HolidayCheck portal via daily changing links and topics in order to find a hidden egg. This generates traffic on the one hand and strong brand loyalty on the other. After successfully finding the egg, users can enter their details to take part in the competition and significantly increase their own chances of winning by sharing a personal competition entry link, the so-called share boost, provided that friends also enter the competition via this link.

In both competitions, HolidayCheck's partners are presented visibly and with a wide reach, complete with logo and information. In addition, each partner provides a daily prize or the total prize at the end of the respective campaign.

For the Football World Cup, gradwerk will be using a similar mechanism, but with a new design concept, among other things, in order to clearly link the topic of football and travel. Functional enhancements are continuously incorporated and equip the competition for new and future competition ideas.

The administration, maintenance and monitoring of the competitions is carried out by HolidayCheck editors in a module specially developed for this purpose and integrated into CMS 6.

Bunte Ostereier am Strand mit Text "Ostergewinnspiel 2019"

HolidayCheck AG

HolidayCheck AG, based in Bottighofen, Switzerland, operates travel booking and hotel rating portals on the Internet. Its main business model is the commission-based brokerage of package holidays, hotels and rental cars and the referral of internet users to other booking portals.

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