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Bildbearbeitung im CMS mit Beispielbild einer lächelnden Person

The CMS 6 AI image generator.

Unleash your creativity.

Revolutionary extensions for CMS 6

Two revolutionary extensions for our CMS 6 take the visual experience of your website to a new level: the innovative AI image generator and the ground-breaking AI image enlargement function.

The magic of the AI image generator: creativity meets technology

Discover the magic of the AI Image Generator - creativity powered by advanced AI. Imagine being able to create any image you can think of in a matter of seconds. Our new AI image generator makes it possible. Define your desired image, choose from a variety of filter options and let our AI create two high-resolution images for you in no time at all. With the Magic Prompt Optimiser, your image descriptions are also automatically converted into optimised, detailed image prompts - quickly, efficiently and user-friendly.

Smiling man in front of mountain landscape in drawing style created by AI image generator
Porträt eines jungen Mannes mit braunen Augen und Sommersprossen
Frau mit lockigen Haaren lächelnd auf Stadtstraße
Frau macht Selfie beim Sonnenuntergang im Feld
Älteres Paar umarmt sich liebevoll vor einem Haus
Frau mit Mütze und Schal im verschneiten Wald
Kind in Astronautenkostüm und Kind in Katzenheld-Kostüm
Frau im weißen Strickpullover blickt durch Fenster
Stilvolle Frau in Mantel vor bunten Spinden
Frau mit gelbem Schal lächelt herbstlich am See
Lächelnder Landwirt im Getreidefeld bei Sonnenuntergang
Illustration einer Frau mit kurzen Haaren und Anzug
Frau feiert mit Konfetti auf der Straße
Frau mit Sommersprossen lächelt freundlich
Mädchen mit gelber Regenjacke hält Herbstblatt vor Gesicht
Frau mit Tasse am Schreibtisch im Homeoffice

The innovative image upscaler: High-resolution quality for your images thanks to artificial intelligence.

We also present the impressive image upscaler. This AI tool transforms any of your images - be it a logo, a diagram or a photo - into a high-resolution display. With the ability to enlarge images up to 8,000 pixels without any significant loss of quality, the image upscaler sets new standards in image processing. It is the perfect solution for seamlessly integrating both AI-generated images and other graphics into your website in first-class quality.

Original Image upscaler
Image upscalerImage upscaler

Seamless integration and flexible customisation in CMS 6

All images created by the AI image generator can be integrated directly into CMS 6 and used on your website. The system not only saves the original prompt, but also all selected filter settings for each generated image. This allows you to generate similar images or create new variations at any time. This seamless integration within CMS 6 enables efficient creation and use of your visual content on your website.

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